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Did you want to learn all the details of what you find inside? Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge? This wait is over.

Last week, io9 went from Lucasfilm to San Francisco, California, to Disney Imagineering, to Glendale, and finally to Disneyland, Anaheim, to find out everything we could about the next Star wars In addition to the theme parks. We have already taken you on a tour of the country, but there are so many, many other things to say: history, technology, food, application, alcoholic beverages, the goods, the teasing … it's almost incalculable.

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So, instead, as the second piece of our Galaxy's Edge cover – we have reduced the number of the 77 most fascinating things we've seen, in the honor of Star Wars & # 39; original year of release. The zones will open at Disneyland in Anaheim, California this summer and at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida this fall.

Art concept of a ship that lands at Batuu's Black Spire outpost.
Image: All pictures: Disney Parks

L & # 39; s history

1. This may have been announced: Long before selling the company to Disney, which in turn created an amusement park, a young George Lucas went to Disneyland the first week of its opening in 1955 and often cited this trip as a source of inspiration in his life.

2 It had to be new: Galaxy's Edge takes place on a newly created planet called Batuu, not one of the familiar planets of movies, and it was a very specific decision. "We know these places," said Scott Trowbridge, senior creative executive of Walt Disney Imagineering's portfolio. Star wars planets. "We know the stories that have happened there and we know we are not there. This place, Black Spire Outpost, is designed to be a place conducive to exploration, discovery, a place that invites us to become a character of the world Star wars. "

3 Rey, Finn, Poe and BB-8 are in the park: Although this was mentioned in my last article, one of the biggest news revealed during our trip is that Rey, Finn, Poe and BB-8 all join Kylo Ren in the race. Star Wars: rising resistance. All the original actors take up their roles, which are mostly on screens.

4 Everything happens in the current trilogy: Characters like Rey and Kylo appear in Galaxy's Edgethe events taking place here take place at one point in the next trilogy. However, Pablo Hidalgo, senior creative executive at Lucasfilm, explained that the planet's story had been mapped far beyond. "Should Star wars Jump back in time, as you often want, we know how Batuu is represented in this span of time, "he said.

5 As Star wars changes, so can Galaxy's Edge: With new movies, shows and more Star wars, the adaptation of history is integrated into the earth. "Some things in the country suggest that stories are still waiting to be told," said Carrie Beck, vice president of development for Lucasfilm. "And these things can be integrated with some of the stories that can go into the future."

Concept art of the interior of the carousel Rise of the resistance.

6 The rides tell canonical stories: If all that happens on Batuu is canon, it is the same for the rides. The events of the attractions are both canon – especially Rise in resistance, who has the real actors in it. (Purely speculative, but the journey may suggest a considerable jump of time before Episode IXbecause it probably represents a battle between the resistance and the first order after The last Jedi.)

7. Naming the planet was one of the biggest challengesIt took more than a year and hundreds of possible names were resolved before the Batuu and Black Spire Outpost.

8 Arrows are the planet Star wars functionality: Each Star wars the planet has its "thing". Snow on Hoth, forest on Endor, salt on Crait. C & # 39; Star wars. For Batuu, arrows – huge pieces of petrified rock that once were gigantic trees and are now cracked and broken – have been retained as a feature. "Knowing that this was going to be our foundation of reality, then taking that and exaggerating the balance, overthrowing it, turning it into a global ecosystem, was really what made it special," said Doug Chiang, vice president creative director of Lucasfilm. "And when you do that, you create something very cool [and] easily identifiable as Star wars. "

9 His name is Black Spire Outpost for a reason: Batuu is a planet composed of arrows, but one in particular stands out. In the center of the outpost is an arrow much darker than the others and that's how Black Spire Outpost gets its name.

ten. The mystery of the Black Spire will remain a mystery: Having this mysterious name in downtown is appropriate for everyone. "There is a mystery in this and we like the idea that there is no answer," said Margaret Kerrison, editor-in-chief of history at Walt Disney. Imagineering. In his mind, it is a subject of discussion for the inhabitants. A legend that parents tell their children. "Everyone has different theories about why this is so there is not a single answer," she said. "It happened so long ago."

More conceptual art of Black Spire, with the Falcon landing.

11 Black Spire is one of the largest colonies in Batuu: Although much of Batuu's appearance remains a mystery (in case a storyteller would like to clarify it later), Lucasfilm and Disney imagine that Black Spire is probably his biggest colony and that most surrounding settlements are agricultural in nature. However, there are hints across the country about other events around Batuu.

12 Much of Black Spire's inspiration came from Europe and Africa: Design teams behind Galaxy's Edge visited the old markets of Turkey, Morocco and other parts of North Africa, and more, to get inspired, in great detail, like the outlets, to see what Batuu would look like.

13 Batuu was possible because Star wars is the star: The unique properties of Star wars made this project possible because it's a franchise that does not depend on anything or anyone. "Indiana Jones needs to be in a Indiana Jones story because it's his name on the big top," said Hidalgo. "For many people, Star wars is [already] a destination."

Lucasfilm Creative Director Doug Chiang and Disney Imagineering Creative Director Asa Kalama touch the real Falcon.


14 Disney has a fun way to hide the construction: Like many great movies, Galaxy's Edge uses code names. Behind the scenes, we often talk about the "Frontierland expansion project" papers and posters, while the rides are also coded "Alcatraz" for Rise of resistance and "Big Bird" for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Race.

15 Star Tours will stay: Many fans have wondered if the opening of Galaxy's Edge would mark the end of the famous Star Tours, the oldest Star wars the journey is not in the new section. It will not be. Star Tours will live in the two theme parks.

16 It did not take that long: For a project of this size, Galaxy's Edge It took a lot less time for our results to materialize. The first conversations took place in 2013-2014, the first piece of steel was installed in 2017 and will open this year in Anaheim and Orlando.

17 Lasers will fly in the air, somehow: One of Star Wars & # 39; The most distinctive visual clues are to see laser beams flying through the air, which, of course, is not really possible. Where is it? "We wanted to make it happen," said Paul Bailey, Walt Disney Imagineers' Systems Manager. "The question becomes" How do you do that? "Well, without revealing how we did that … I can tell you that we did it."

Inside Smugglers race

18 The preview was extremely important: Processes such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and software such as Unreal have been instrumental in creating Galaxy's Edgeso that everyone involved can develop, experience and experience their work in all three dimensions as well as in virtual reality. This has even been extended to rides. Without these technological advances, Imagineers thinks the process would have taken twice as long.

19 Play is crucial: Although we did not have the chance to ride Smuggers Run or Rise of resistance, people have. Many of them. Employees have invited families and others to test the rides for some time, to find out what's working, what's not working, and more.

Two examples of what your custom lightsabers may look like.

The merch

20 The merchandise was one of the first calls: Brad Schoeneberg, director of merchandise strategy and developing new park experiences for Walt Disney World, said he had received a call to discuss Star wars theme park area in 2013.

21 There are nine major merchandise stores in Galaxy's Edge: They are called Droid Depot, Savi Hand-Built Lightsaber, Dok-Ondar Antiques Den, Creatures Stall, War Jewels, Black Spire Outfitter, Toydarian Toy Manufacturer, Resistance Supply and Cargo of the first order.

Some toys and items that you can get at Toydarian Toymaker.

22 Toydarians sell toys: While Watto's The ghost threat sells boat parts to Tatooine, his Toydarian companion, Zabaka, sells maid's toys in Batuu. This Toydarian woman owns Toydarian Toymaker; You will be able to buy dolls, instruments and trinkets made by hand and inspired by famous people that Zabaka has heard about during his travels.

Click on the link to see examples of the types of curiosities you can buy in the Dok-Ondar Antiques Fiefdom. Here are some Sith pieces.

Some Jedi come from the Dok-Ondar Antiques Den.

You can even get a Jedi or Sith holocron on the Dok-Ondar antiques.


23 Dok-Ondar could be the best of the galaxy Star wars collector: One of the biggest stores in Black Spire is Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities. It is a rare antique shop offering trinkets from all ages. Star wars l & # 39; history. Busts, crystals, quirks, all this and many more are available at Dok-Ondar, which you may remember is mentioned in Solo: A story of Star Wars.

24 Dok-Ondar sells legacy lightsabers: An example of what is sold in Dok-Ondars are the classic lightsabers. Swords that resemble those of the most famous Jedi and Sith, from Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to Ahsoka Tano and Kylo Ren. These start at around $ 110 and increase depending on the size, and also have accessories, such as a $ 50 blade that lights, or a display stand.

Concept art of Dok-Ondar.

25 There is a life size wampa: The Dok-Ondar collection will be large and impressive, and among its highlights is a plush Wampa 12 feet tall and the size of the planet Hoth. This is not for sale, but is exposed, which can also be said for much of his collection. There is a second level of his store that is just cool Star wars Easter eggs and accessories.

26. A mysterious statue waiting: During a virtual tour of Galaxy's EdgeI noticed a big statue in front of the Dok-Ondar store. A statue of a priestess. When asked about this, Imagineering's Artistic Director, Kristin Makela, confirmed that the statue was part of Dok-Ondar's vast collection of mysterious artifacts. There are no words about who she is or who she is.

Conceptual Art of the Savi Workshop – Hand-made laser sabers.

27 Make your own lightsaber: We explained it a bit in the previous article, but Savi's Workshop – The hand-built lightsabers is a special stand where park visitors can build their own lightsabers. They will choose one of four disciplines: power and justice, power and control, elemental and nature, or protection and defense. Then you will choose your Kyber crystal. And, depending on these two choices, you will get a specific set of 10 pieces of Lightsaber that can be combined in any way, which will give your own custom lightsaber. The logistics have not been settled yet, but this may be a reservation experience since only 14 people at a time can do it and it takes about 15 minutes in total.

The Droid Depot, in the form of conceptual art.

28 Build your own droids: Like the lightsabers, there will be a shop where customers can build their own droids. It's called Droid Depot and is run by a character named Mubo. After choosing whether you want to create a BB or R droid, you need to choose custom parts, colors, and accessories to create your custom dream droid. This droid will then be fully radio controlled and, if you guide it into the outpost of Black Spire, it can interact with many elements. There are also pre-assembled droids, like R2-D2, BB-8 and even DJ R-3X (more on him below).

Examples of droids at Droid Depot.

29 No blasters: Although blasters are a big part of the Star wars franchise and are included in many attractions (Dok-Ondar has an impressive collection, for example), according to Disney's policy, no gun is on sale in the park, and this also applies to Batuu.

Some of the offers in the creature stand.

30 Buy adorable animalsHave you ever wanted to own your own tauntaun, porg or rathtar? You can do this at the creature booth. An alien named Bina has traveled the galaxy and now sells toy versions of all these creatures and more, many of which are interactive and react when you stroke them. Oh, and watch out for the Animatronic Lothcat that sleeps inside.

31. No "Disney" stuff: All the goods in Galaxy's Edge it's like if you had bought it on Batuu. You can not just buy generic "Disney" or "Star Wars" articles here.

An example of first class goods.

Some Jedi dresses from Black Spire Outfitters.

A family full of resistance material.


32 Clothing stores vary by location: Three clothing stands sell pieces according to where they are in the outpost. Black Spire Outfitters is on the market selling bathrobes, Resistance Supply is in the forest area and sells resistance gear, and First Order Cargo is in the Premier section and sells its clothes.

Moogan Tea, Blue Bantha, Bloody Rancor and Black Spire Brew are some of the exclusive drinks available in the Oga Cantina in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Food and drinks

33 There are five main food stallsThey are called Oga's Cantina, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, Ronto Roasters, Milk Stand and Kat Saka's Kettle.

34 We will finally define the taste and smell of Star wars: We all look Star warswe hear it, but we do not really engage other senses. This project was an opportunity for Disney to define these things. "We do not know what taste it has," said Brian Piasecki, Culinary Director of Walt Disney World. "What does it smell? What does it look like? So we had the opportunity to bring all these points of contact to each guest who came to us. Galaxy's Edge. "

35 Star wars food is defined by bold choices and tastes: It was the mantra for everyone developing food and drinks. To be tall. Be different. "If it sounds like one thing and maybe taste something else? It could be really cool, "said Piasecki. "The flavors in Galaxy's Edge and Docking Bay 7 are going to be very bold, "he added.

36 The planets have inspired much of the food: Star wars the planets are very distinct and the chefs have drawn ideas of possible ingredients by imagining the types of vegetation or spices that can come from planets like Endor, Crait, Tatooine, etc.

Blue (and green) milk now exists.

37 They invented blue milk: There could be no Star wars land without Star Wars & # 39; most famous drink, blue milk, and Galaxy's Edge will officially unveil what this is in the world. But there was a problem. Galaxy's Edge exists in southern California and Florida, and milk is the last thing you want to drink in these hot climates. "It's not really milk," Trowbridge said. Instead, it's an herbal dairy creation that is almost an ice-cold smoothie with berry and melon aromas.

38 There is also green milk: By developing blue milk, something has happened. "Scott [Trowbridge] "In a new movie, we'll have to create something else," said Brian Koziol, director of food and beverage concepts development at Walt Disney World. "And it became our The Thala-siren green milk that arrived at Ahch-To. It's also a frozen drink with tropical flavors. Blue milk and milk are mainly available at the milk stand.

Click to see examples of exoticism Star wars Food in Docking Bay 7. First place is this fried Endorian Tip-Yip, a chicken dish served with a roasted vegetable purée and herb sauce.

This is Ithorian Garden Loaf, a herbal "meatloaf" served with a roasted vegetable purée, seasonal vegetables and a mushroom sauce.

Yobshrimp Noodle Salad is a marinated noodle salad with fresh shrimp.

The oven-roasted Burra Fish is made of durable Dijon crusted fish with a combination of green vegetables, roasted vegetables, quinoa and pumpkin seeds with a green curry ranch vinaigrette

Felucian Garden Spread is a herbal kefta-based "meatball" dish consisting of herbal hummus and tomato and cucumber relish, accompanied by pita bread.

These desserts have not been named yet, but one on the left is a raspberry cabbage with a passion fruit mousse and the other is a chocolate cake with a white chocolate mouse and a coffee cream .

Braised Shaak Roast includes roast beef with cavatelli pasta, kale and mushrooms.

The smoked Kaadu ribs are frozen pork ribs from smoked countries with a blueberry corn muffin and a cabbage salad.

Baked Roast Tip Yip mixes roast chicken with green vegetables, roasted vegetables, quinoa and pumpkin seeds with a creamy green curry vinaigrette


39 Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is the main event: Most of the exotic dishes at Black Spire outpost are at Docking Bay 7, a fast-food restaurant run by Strono chef "Cookie" Tuggs, who worked in Maz Kanata Palace in Takodana before it was destroyed. Its main menu is highlighted by the following dishes:

  • Smoked Kaadu Ribs – Pork chops, cut in a unique way and accompanied by a blueberry and corn muffin. And yes, in the story, this is the Naboo Jar Jar Coast The ghost threat.
  • Endorian Tip-Yip Fried – Tip-Yip is Star wars chicken. And here it is prepared in a unique bar form, with a distinct crust, and served on vegetables.
  • Yobshrimp Noodle Salad – A fancy name for a chilled shrimp noodle salad. Of all that we tasted, it was my least favorite thing.
  • Felucian Spread – The main vegan dish consists of herbal "meatballs" made from hummus, relish and pita.
  • Roasted Burra Fish or Tri-Yip Roast – Both served with vegetables and considered more "healthy" options; you can get fish or roast chicken.
Art concept of the Oga Cantina, including the DJ R-3X on the right side.

40 Of course, there is a cantina: The Oga cantina is Black Spire Outpost's other main restaurant, but it's really a bar like the ones we've known since New hope, The attack of clones, or Awakens Force. This cantina is led by Oga, a mysterious character who is also responsible for the black market on the planet. It serves snacks as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The list is as follows:

Alcoholic beverages (with some comparable examples where applicable):

  • The outer rim – The Star wars version of a margarita
  • Fuzzy Tauntaun – The Star wars version of a fuzzy belly button
  • T-16 Skyhopper
  • Dagobah Slug Slinger
  • Jedi tip
  • Yub Nub – The Star wars version of a rum punch
  • Jet Juice 2
  • Bloody grudge – The Star wars version of a Bloody Mary, which comes with a meringue bone that you can put in your mouth
  • Spriran Caf
  • Bespin Fizz – The Star wars version of a cosmopolitan
From left to right, Outer Rim, Bespin Fizz, Yub Nub and Fuzzy Tauntaun drink in the Oga cantina.

Non-alcoholic drinks (which are all kinds of fruit juices, sodas and even coffees):

  • Black Spire Brew – It's like a spicy coffee.
  • Tarine Tea
  • Blue Bantha – The icy and milder version of Blue Milk, delivered with a biscuit that looks like a bantha.
  • Cliff Dweller– A kind of fruit punch with ginger.
  • Hyperdrive Punch It!
  • Jabba Juice
  • Moogan Tea
  • Carbon gel – That sparkles all alone.

41 Beers and wine will be exclusive to Galaxy's Edge: Disney has worked with several breweries and winemakers to create beers and wines that guests can only drink in the Cantina d'Oga Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Here are some examples: IPA Bad Motivator, White Wampa Ale, Spicy Rutter Cider, Imperial Red Cab Sav and Toniray White from Alderaan.

Carbon Freeze, Oga's Obsession and Cliff Dweller, all found in the Oga Cantina.

42 Obsession Order of Oga: In all my tastings of all the menus of Galaxy's Edge, the one that really stands out with a little plate called Oga's Obsession that is served in the Cantina. It is a hard gelatin with small bubbles, served in a petri dish, garnished with dried fruits and pebbles. It's surprising, strange and delicious.

43 Padmé's order is on the menu: How much detail is paid to these things? In the book Thin wedding ringsPadme visits the Black Spire Outpost cantina on Batuu and orders Andoan white wine on the menu. This, of course, is also on the menu of the Oga cantina in the park.

Concept art of Ronto Roasters. Click to see the Ronto Wraps.


44 Eat meat from the space made on a podracing engine: One of Black Spire Outpost's main restaurants is Ronto Roasters, led by a character named Bakkar (with his droid 8D-J8). It serves a sausage wrap, non-alcoholic beverages (named Tatooine Sunset, Sour Sarlacc and Meiloorun Juice), as well as two flavors of turkey jerky: sweet teriyaki and spicy herb.

This is a mix of Outpost.

45 Enjoy colorful Star wars pop corn: Kat Saka is a local Batuu farmer who collects spices from across the galaxy. These spices are then used at Kat Saka's Kettle, a specialty Star wars Popcorn called Outpost Mix in various bright colors that offer sweet, savory and spicy bites. Bold flavors, remember!

The world

46 The music of John Williams will not be used as you think: Since Galaxy's Edge is a "real place", not a theme park, The new music written by John Williams will not only be played outside. Star wars music does not only play in the world Star wars (most of the time), you can expect the rides at the right time.

47 The dianoga has a cheeky cameo: Dianoga, also known as the macabre creature of the garbage compactor New hope, appears in the country. Hidden in a tube over a fountain, it comes out when people are drinking. The tube is filled with water that looks like raw water, which does not feed on the fountain but seems to look like.

48. Actors create their own identities, with parameters: Although distribution members are encouraged to develop their own Star wars Characters with their own personalities and allegiances, they have been certain restrictions. "They are so excited that they invent things that look like them" Wait, wait, wait. stand there, "said Kerrison." You can not be Han's first cousin. "

Members of the cast who work for the Resistance as well as for the First Order.

49 The costumes will be a Disney first: For the first time in the history of Disney Theme Parks, the cast members who work in Galaxy's Edge will not only be able to develop personalities, they will also be able to express them by choosing their own outfits in a well organized wardrobe. fabrics, diapers and accessories.

50 Both rides will offer multiple experiences: We have detailed the driving experiences in the previous article, but it is interesting to note that beyond that, neither of them is always the same. Depending on how your crew of six works together on Smugglers run, the journey will change slightly – and it has been confirmed, but not explained, that Rise of resistance has different variations too.

51. Watch out for the traces of droids: If Black Spire Outpost has existed for generations, there is a good chance that there are some droid tracks around. So, to get there, the team went to Lucasfilm to find the original R2-D2 of New hope, had a mold of his tracks, then transposed this to a device that was spread throughout the park to add some authenticity.

As you walk through the outpost of Black Spire, you never know what you can find.

L & # 39; app

52. The application is basically a third roundIf you do not visit one of the two main attractions, Disney hopes you will use its Play Disney Parks app to enjoy a unique moment in the park. From lines to stores to fairways, etc., the app opens up new experiences at every turn. Everything has been built and wired to be interactive from the first day.

53 Hack, scan, translate, tune: These are the four tools of the Star wars section of the application, and thanks to these tools, the guests will be able to do these things around the earth.

54 Accept all kinds of jobs: One of the four menus of the application in a display board. There, a wide variety of different jobs (or games) are available, ranging from those taking a few seconds to those that can take a lot longer. Everyone will ask you to walk around with the application, to use your tools and to perform tasks.

55. Keep your head up: Disney does not want a lot of people to walk around on their phones. So all jobs in the application require you to look around. You will explore, search, and then use the phone to perform tasks such as text translation, crate scanning, and more.

Always watch. You never know what you can see.

56. Do not worry about wifi: Although you need wifi to download the app, its main features are all designed to use Bluetooth and location services. You can enjoy offline.

57 The main game is always happening: Although you can complete the tasks yourself (or with your group), the application also has a main game (still untitled) that runs continuously. It's a bit like the popular game Entrancewhere people rank on the side of the Resistance or the First Order and compete with others in the region to acquire land. The game evolves and accelerates or slows down according to the number of people who play.

58. Everything in the application is also canon: You are on Batuu, which exists in the Star wars universe. So, all the events that happen in your application actually occur in Star wars and could, hypothetically, be referenced in other works.

59 Build your rep on multiple trips: As you complete several tasks and tasks in the application, these will be saved in your application profile. So, the more you come back to Galaxy's Edgethe more you can build and use other ways in the park. (It sounds vague, we know it, but Disney kept it a secret for most.)

60. You choose your allegiance indirectly: All those who use the application will be classified in the category Resistance, First Order or Scoundrel … but only after performing enough tasks to prove your qualities. Vous êtes jugé par vos actions et non par un clic sur un bouton.

61. L'application sera mise à jour: Terminé tous les emplois? En espérant quelque chose de nouveau? L’application sera mise à jour pour la garder fraîche, bien que la fréquence et l’importance ne soient pas claires.

Les personnages

62 Dok-Ondar est un personnage interactif et animatronique: Dok, un Ithorian de 245 ans, sera toujours dans son magasin, se déplacera et travaillera dans son propre stand. Imagineering l’a conçu pour être sur une liste de motions presque aléatoire, de sorte que vous ne verrez que rarement les mêmes actions deux fois. De plus, si vous demandez à un acteur proche de vous aider, il marchandera avec lui pour vous.

63: Les réponses de Dok changent en fonction de son humeur: Une autre façon dont la motion de Dok-Ondar est randomisée est qu’il peut être «heureux» ou «frustré» en fonction des événements de la journée. Cela change les actions qu'il fait et le ton de ses réponses.

64. Ils avaient besoin d'un pirate: De tous les Star wars personnages qui auraient pu être le personnage principal de Smugglers race, pourquoi ont-ils choisi Hondo? "Nous avions besoin d'un pirate", a déclaré Beck. "Et quand vous avez besoin d’un pirate, une personne qui vous vient à l’esprit, Hondo Ohnaka, vous est venue à l’esprit." Star Wars: The clone war and Star Wars Rebels.

65. Hondo est le deuxième personnage animatronique le plus avancé de l'histoire de Disney: Disney a une longue histoire d’animatroniques impressionnantes, d’Abraham Lincoln en 1964 au chaman Na’vi actuellement à Pandora dans le parc Animal Kingdom en Floride. Et bien que le chaman soit toujours le personnage animatronique le plus avancé de tous les temps, Hondo arrive en deuxième position, avec environ 50 mouvements et fonctions uniques.

Zoom sur le concept art de la Cantina d’Oga pour révéler le DJ.

66. R-3x a été reprogrammé: R-3X, le pilote du premier Star Tours, s’est retrouvé dans la Cantina d’Oga dans Black Spire Outpost sur Batuu, en tant que DJ. Depuis, il a été reprogrammé pour exécuter cette action et est toujours exprimé par Paul Reubens.

67. Il y a trois heures de musique R-3x: À moins que vous restiez toute la journée dans la Cantina, vous entendrez probablement de la nouvelle musique de DJ R-3X. Il a une boucle d'environ trois heures divisée en segments d'une heure. Chaque heure a des similitudes, elles ne sont donc pas tout à fait uniques, mais chaque programme d’une heure est différent.

68. La musique de R-3x est éclectique et nouvelle: "R-3X est un DJ de radio, il tire donc de la musique de toute la galaxie", a déclaré John Dennis, directeur créatif de la musique chez Disney Imagineering. Alors qu’il y aura une influence traditionnelle, John Williams cantina, il joue en grande partie ce que la musique pop de Batuu pourrait être, selon Disney. Par exemple, quand nous avons vu et entendu R-3X, il jouait ce que l’on ne pouvait qualifier que de «Jawa Hip Hop», avec un tempo puissant sous tous les «Utinnis» que vous pouvez manipuler.

Un coup d’œil dans l’un des couloirs Montée de la résistance.


69 Orlando et Anaheim sont presque identiques: Il est important de ne jamais perdre de vue que Galaxy's Edge arrive non seulement à Disneyland à Anaheim, en Californie, mais également aux studios Disney Hollywood à Orlando, en Floride. Et, mis à part certaines choses, ces terres seront presque identiques. «Tous les détails ne sont pas exactement les mêmes», a déclaré Trowbridge. Un exemple est que «la qualité de la lumière solaire est différente en Californie, donc la palette de couleurs et de peinture est un peu différente en raison de la façon dont les terres ont atteint la lumière», a-t-il déclaré. En outre, les entrées sont différentes. Mais au-delà, lorsque vous êtes sur la planète, c’est presque identique.

70. Les accessoires sont tout: "Dans le secteur du cinéma, il y a la ligne" Nous allons régler le problème par la suite ", a déclaré le producteur exécutif du portefeuille pour Imagineering, Robin Reardon. "Dans les parcs à thème, c’est" nous allons le réparer avec des accessoires "." Galaxy's Edge Il y aura des dizaines d'accessoires spécialement créés pour la terre, dont beaucoup ont été créés spécifiquement avec des matériaux disponibles avant 1980, afin de préserver l'esthétique de la trilogie originale. Parfois c'était impossible, d'autres fois non.

Tout ce qui rend le Falcon si réel? Les accessoires.

71. Les archives de Lucasfilm étaient une excellente ressource: Dans le plus grand nombre de cas possible, le département des accessoires a utilisé des moules Lucasfilm originaux pour tout, des marchandises telles que les sabres laser, les navires, les surfaces, etc.

72. Tout est mis un peu plus haut volontairement: En traversant Galaxy's Edge, vous remarquerez peut-être que beaucoup de choses se situent un peu au-dessus du niveau des yeux. Cela a été fait exprès, en prévision du fait qu'il soit presque toujours très encombré.

73. Il y a un "caché Hidalgo:" Un des œufs de Pâques préférés des gens de Lucasfilm est que la voix de l’exécutif créatif Pablo Hidalgo est utilisée quelque part dans le pays. Il est l’un des très nombreux œufs de Pâques cachés un peu partout dans l’avant-poste.

Marcher dans le futur de Star wars


74. Alliances minces était un moment clé: Il y a beaucoup de contenu qui sort (ou est déjà sorti) et qui contient des scènes ou des moments sur Batuu; dans l'édition, qui a commencé avec le livre de Timothy Zahn, Alliances minces. «C’était notre grande sortie», a déclaré Matt Martin, responsable de la création chez Lucasfilm. "Tim est venu avec un argumentaire pour son livre et avait un emplacement qui se sentait déjà gentil si [Batuu.] So it was like ‘I have a suggestion…’ and Tim just got super excited about including this world.” And, of course, that’s just the beginning…

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the Star wars Disney Land Is Basically Getting Its Own Corner of the Expanded Universe

The most magical place on Earth’s pocket of the galaxy far, far away would really, really like it…

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75. The future is already in the works: Galaxy's Edge wasn’t designed to just be what it is on day one forever. In fact, there are doors and areas you’ll see when you’re there which are already being planned for the future. “We’ve also built in the ability as this land grows, as new characters come on board, as new stories come out, as we see how our guests react to the land, the ability to open new spaces and flex spaces,” said executive creative director for Imagineering, Chris Beatty. “So we built in the ability, in the future, to build the land out more. So we already in our heads kind of know a little bit of what’s next.”

76. There are teases from future films: We were told that somewhere in the park there were new teases, and specifically vehicles, from new films (presumably Episode IX). Whether that’s the TIE Echelon described in my previous article or not, we don’t know. And other things we probably won’t know until after the movies are released.

77. The latest on construction: Though no one was prepared to give a specific percentage of how finished the project was as of mid-February, the head of construction, Walt Smith, said it was “Really close to really complete.”

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