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Are you in a rut of the application? Have you used the same handful of apps over and over for as long as you remember? Well, we simply can not let that happen, that 's why we searched through hundreds of iPhone and iPad paid apps on Tuesday morning that are on sale for a limited time. We have developed the eight best gifts of the day and you will find them all listed below. Just be sure to hurry as these offers can end at any time.

This article covers paid iPhone and iPad apps made available free of charge by their developers for a limited time. BGR is not affiliated with any app developer. There is no way of saying how long they will be free. These sales could end in an hour or a week. Obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time of writing this article. If you click on a link and see a price displayed next to an application instead of the word "get", it is no longer free. The sale is over. If you download the app anyway, Apple will charge you. Some applications may have additional purchases integrated. Subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified as soon as these articles are published and you will avoid missing the sales we cover.

Bocus – Camera in portrait mode

Normally $ 0.99.

If your iPhone has two side-by-side camera lenses
This will be one of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus.
You are ready to use Bocus.

Make it look like a picture taken in a DSLR camera and in a lighting environment.
Upgrade your iPhone to a camera optimized for portraits

Dark, shady faces shine against the light
The background is blurry, but the face is more alive.

– DSLR effect photograph
– Takes clear, clear faces
– light effect
– Bokeh effect filter
– Glitter effect filter

Share your photo on instagram #BocusCam
We will post your photo on our website.

Use a dual camera to look like a digital SLR camera
Adjust the intensity of your effects to create your own special images

Download Bocus – Camera in portrait mode

Remote keyboard for Mac

Normally $ 4.99.

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a wireless extension of your Mac's keyboard. Add dedicated numbers, arrows, and other blocks to your Mac's keyboard. Why buy additional equipment that you need to take with you if you can have it for almost free?

From one eyebolt
– Numbers block for Numbers, Excel and your calculation needs;
– Arrow block for Keynote, Powerpoint and your other needs;
– Modify existing keyboard keys and layout;
– Create your own keyboards for all the business applications you use;
– Use your iOS device as a Mac keyboard extension;
– Enjoy the ease of use in a sleek user interface that you will love;
– Use the personal access point of your iOS device to control your Mac when you do not have access to other networks.
– 3 steps, super easy setup in less than 30 seconds.

– Numbers;
– Excel;
– Calc;
– Keynote;
– Power point;
– Much more.

– Mac with macOS 10.10 or higher and the Helper application installed;
– iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 10 or higher;
– Shared wireless network connection between your computer and your iOS device.

Download the free support app from https://cherpake.com/get

Download Remote KeyPad for Mac

Gizmo Finder for lost things

Normally $ 2.99.

Find ANY device that streams in Bluetooth 4.0+. These include the following:
◆ Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, AirPod, Watch, Pencil, Macbook
◆ Headsets, health bands, smart watches of all brands, including the following popular brands:
Beats, Bose, Fitbit, Garmin, Huawei, Jabra, Jawbone, JBL, LG, Microsoft, Polar, Samsung, Sony, TomTom, Xiaomi

1. Open the application and consult the list of devices at your fingertips. Different devices broadcast different amounts of information.
2. Tap the device you want to start scanning. You can even see the battery information if they are available.
3. Move by adjusting your direction according to the strength of the signal until you find your device.

It's so simple. Enjoy!

Download Gizmo Finder for Lost Thingies

Remote Drive for Mac

Normally $ 4.99.

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a wireless flash drive for your Mac. Get full access to your Mac files – use your iOS device to stream video, view photos and documents from anywhere in your home.

From one eyebolt
– Stream any video directly from your Mac;
– View photos or documents stored on your Mac;
– Transfer files between your Mac and your iOS device;
– Store anything on your iOS device and take it everywhere with you.
– Mount your iOS device as a drive on your Mac or Windows computer using WebDAV;
– Use the personal access point of your iOS device to control your Mac when you do not have access to other networks.

– Mac with macOS 10.9 or higher and the Helper application installed;
– iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 9 or higher;
– Shared wireless network connection between your computer and your iOS device.

Download Remote Drive for Mac

System Activity Monitors

Normally $ 0.99.

The application monitors iOS activity, including memory usage, battery life, used space and device information. Superb visuals like speedometer display, LED indicator, 3D bar charts, battery charge animation, flashing LED charger, offer you a view rich in internal images of your iOS device, as you have never seen before.

$$ More than a million satisfied users of our apps $$

## Some of our users TESTIMONIALS ##
$ Very cool
This is an excellent tracking system.
– Macquest

Get this app really!
I love the cool dashboard. Tells you what's going on in the Apple brain in your iPad or iPhone. This application rules.
– Battyguy

$ Simple App!
Excellent tool! Keeps your standby time ridiculously long and the unit running smoothly.
– Spader1969.

I have tried many products like this and until now, I always come back to this one.
– Markeith3000

The system activity monitor is the most complete and comprehensive state verification application. on the App Store, which monitors the memory usage, battery performance, device information such as the IP address and the hardware address, the tips related to the battery, all the system information and the space used on the iOS device.

You can use this app to accurately monitor the life of your battery, monitor the memory used, as well as used and free space. By properly charging the battery using this app for a full charge, you can get a good battery life.


1. The battery tips are shown to help save battery life when using the iPhone.

2. Tap battery to see the battery capacity of your favorite apps.

3. Displays free and used space on your iPhone / iPod.

4. Displays the IP address acquired and the hardware address of your device.

5. Displays a long list of device information, such as physical specifications, hardware information, and so on.

These are the different views on the application.

Visual memory:

Displays the used and available iPhone memory, like the one used by other applications. This is shown in an excellent view of speedometer animation. Double tap on the Home button and see the other apps in use. Close the other applications and note that the memory is recovered in this application when the speedometer indicates that the available memory is increasing.

This includes a blue, green, yellow and red LED indicator indicating the amount of memory used.

Double-tap the speedometer to display a 3D bar view of the different breaks in memory used. Like, free, wired, active and inactive memory of your iOS device.

View of the battery:

This view shows the battery available for discharge, the recharge time to fully recharge it, and when charged to full, displays the message "FULLY CHARGED" as opposed to a fast charge. Luminescent panels on the top let you know how many batteries are available.

Tap the battery to view the details of battery availability for 3G talk time, navigation, videos, games, and more.

Animation of the battery being charged with current flashes inside the battery.

Used space view:

This pie chart shows the free and used spaces available on your iOS device.


Now it displays a lot more information about the device, such as system information, camera information, display, hardware and physical characteristics. It indicates whether your device is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular and its IP address.

Download the system activity monitors

CALC Swift

Normally $ 1.99.

Stop your lost time in calculation today with CALC Swift! This version of the infamous CALC Smart app is for you if you do not need the converter and graphical representation immediately. Designed to help you navigate your daily calculations in the blink of an eye to your unique style 😉

* LOVED by thousands of people for its intelligent user interface with live results and a natural feel

Now with advanced user-defined functions that you can easily share with other users of CALC and iOS 11 optimization with iPad multitasking, 3D Touch shortcuts, an expandable widget, a Spotlight search of the application History + watchOS 3 native with haptic.

CALC is a multifunctional and super intelligent scientific calculator that makes maths look like art. It has a built-in timer on the screen, notif. center Widget, Custom Keyboard, many predefined functions such as date-time and basic calculations, as well as unlimited combination of colors, fonts, shapes and sizes.

CALC includes the basic functions of calculator and scientist, a history and an elegant user interface. The Fast Timer is designed to help your track for the remaining minutes: seconds when you are on schedule.

CALC is really smart.
CALC can do live mathematical expressions: from the simplest such as "1 + 2" to more advanced expressions like "3+ (3 × 9 (80 + sin (90)))"

Advanced calculator.
By sliding left and right on CALC, you can easily access more than 50 advanced mathematical functions.

CALC remembers what you calculated. Swipe up, and you can see all your previous calculations.

Colorful themes.
Beautiful limitless themes that you can browse, including the optional parallax background image of your choice!

Easy access.
Long press a mathematical expression to modify it. Shake your device to cancel
Long press a number key for a smart parenthesis
Type and hold the decimal point for RANDOM decimal
Tap and hold the "ans" key for the answer history
Type and hold the "" key for 1 / x
Long press the "-" key to cancel

Style text option for expressions
Using sound options

Download CALC Swift

Alloy – launcher and automator

Normally $ 4.99.

Tired of using tons of apps doing the same activities every day? "Alloy – launcher and automator" is the only way to simplify your life – you can do almost anything in a tap application.

"Alloy – launcher and automator" is about automating your daily activities. Whether you just need to launch an application or automate your workflow, Alloy makes it easy for you with one click. Therefore, if you need to post photos of the day with the added watermark on Facebook, send a pre-recorded message to someone, record and track your location and parking time, etc. – simply create the corresponding actions and use them again and again.

"Alloy – launcher and automator" is suitable for any user. No matter who you are, novice or experienced user, you will find Alloy practical and fun to play. Beginners can easily perform simple actions in minutes by simply defining a workflow that combines multiple tasks. Experienced users can create more sophisticated actions using loops, conditional operators, web services, workflow calls, and more.

"Alloy – launcher and automator" is everywhere you need it. You can create Siri shortcuts for all the actions of an alloy, and then launch those actions from Siri by uttering certain expressions. It's even possible to create Siri shortcuts that work in the background without leaving Siri … You can use Alloy directly from Messages to share the result of Action (for example, calculation) with friends. You can also use the Alloy widget in the notification center to quickly access favorite actions, and so on.

If you're having trouble using Alloy or building your actions, just contact support. Our support team is always ready to help you! With the right set of instructions and help, you will be able to create your own actions that would make you feel like a true master of actions. Open your mind and release your inner genius!

"Alloy – Launcher and automator" combines the best of two worlds:
● Advanced Launcher with dynamic favorites based on your habits, location and usage statistics.
● Sophisticated workflow engine that enables you to create actions using REST web services, system and cloud services, installed applications, and more.

Here are some examples of actions Alloy can do in one click:
● Post photos of the day with a watermark added on Facebook
● calculate a tip
● send an SMS and a group email
● send canned SMS to someone
● register a parking space and set up a reminder to leave
● find the best pizzeria around Yelp
● upload new photos to Dropbox and send links by email
● Convert EUR to USD using Convertible
● navigate to certain locations using Google Map
● etc.

You can use ready-to-use actions from the built-in actions directory or create your own actions with the help of a simple yet powerful action editor. Alloy allows you to create custom actions that meet your specific needs and desires. You can customize Action workflows, background, layout, colors, folders, and more! If you're ready to create your first custom action, check out our "Alloy Getting Started Guide" or ask our support team for any questions that might help you.

Alloy eliminates the need to browse multiple pages filled with applications to find an application or action to launch. Dynamic Favorites simply provide you with the right set of required apps and actions based on your habits, location, and usage statistics. You can even use Siri shortcuts to launch actions by voice.

It is possible to use Alloy Favorites directly from any other application using Alloy Widget. Simply lower the Notification Center, access the Alloy widget, and select the desired action to launch it.

Take the time to educate Alloy about your needs and let Alloy dramatically improve your life by automating your daily activities!

Download Alloy – launcher and automator

i Live – Gold Edition

Normally $ 0.99.

"I Live" is the most innovative and realistic life simulator ever created. More than 5000 images for animation, dynamic lighting and shadows, and the time is in real time! Now install "i Live" and give a "soul" to your device.

• Bring your baby to the world and raise him as a real child. Breastfeed, follow him and watch him grow
• He needs love. If you do not follow him, he will not love you. Give him all the love you can and he will love you too!
• Follow its growth phases since birth. Watch his body and his conduct changes!
• Play with him and become the best parent of all time! Challenge your friend and climb the rankings!
• He lives night and day while waiting for your return!

And much more
Much more! clothes, games and gadget. Make your baby happy for a real experience!
They say that…

"Best graphic"
The graphics are so realistic among the most neat categories! "

"Best life simulator"
The best life simulation game, the most beautiful of its kind!

The child becomes more and more involved and fun!

The game currently reaches the age of the child in 3 months.

"L & # 39; s Audio"
The music and effects make the game unique atmosphere, which changes and adapts to the time of day.
—————— —————— – –
"Useful information for the user"
In accordance with the company's policy, the game does not contain annoying advertisements. Only purchases in the app that can be optional and disabled from your device.

Download i Live – Gold Edition

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