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182018 songs in kpop to start the day!

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I did not listen to the playlist, so I listened to the awesome new AOA. song, and I saw that it was very good in the charts, so I decided to make a playlist "theme", with dance (or optimistic, happy, not necessarily both). You will see that there are songs of 2017 and 2016, these songs are really right on the genre dance charts.

0:00 AOA – Bingle Bangle Bangle Round
3:40 TWICE Twice – Heart Shaker
6:46 Wanna One Warner One – Energetic
13:23 IKON – SCENARIO OF LOVE I loved you
16:49 Red Velvet Red Velvet – Red Flavor
19:55 MAMAMOO Mama Moo – Starry Night Starry Night
23:23 BOL4 Interracial Teenage – Travel Travel
27:01 Girlfriend GFRIEND – It's the time of the moon night
30:46 EXO-CBX Chenbac City – The day of the flowers The day of the flowers
34:03 MOMOLAND Momorand – BBoom BBoom Spit
37:29 EXO – Ko Ko Bop
40:35 (G) I-DLE (girls) Children – LATATA
43:54 BTS boy with bullet proof – FIRE burning
47:17 Chungha Cheongha – roller coaster
54:10 Sunmi Stern – the heroine heroine
57:21 NU'S W New East W – O TU EN