A 3-year-old forced his smart owner out of his iPad until 2067

A very intelligent journalist has been deprived of his iPad for nearly half a century by his 3 year old son.

"Uh, that sounds wrong but, alas, it is our iPad today after 3 years that have tried (many times) to unlock." Ideas? " The editor of New Yorker magazine, Evan Osnos, posted on Twitter this weekend, along with a call for "Ideas?"

This caption accompanied a screenshot of his iPad, which indicated on the screen that the personal tablet had been disabled for security reasons. The prompt advised Osnos to try again in 25,536,442 minutes. That comes to 48.59 years, which would indicate that Osnos could try to access his iPad again by the end of 2067.

"We are still locked out," Osnos said in an email Monday, April 8. "We are a few hundred minutes away from the day before, but it seems like we have 25 million minutes left in. We agree that we are using an old operating system that does not I can not restart from iTunes. When I get home from work tonight, I will try and see what happens. "

CTV News Canada has asked a Toronto-based computer repairer how to solve Osnos's problem.

According to Tom Wolanczyk of Fixt Wireless Repair, this type of lock problem with Apple products occurs from time to time. He said the computer giant's security systems are asking users who try to log in with an incorrect password to try again within a specified time that exponentially increases with each unsuccessful attempt. He recommends visiting the Apple website to completely reset the device, which could erase the data stored in the device.

Osnos won a national book award and was looking for a Pulitzer for his 2014 book "Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in New China".

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