A 4K HMD with 6DOF

Many companies are trying to propel virtual reality technology to the market. HP introduced this week its first AR / VR headset that was designed from the ground up for consumer applications as well as commercial / professional applications.

The HP Reverb VR headset features two 2.89-inch displays with 2160 × 2160 resolution per eye (combined resolution of 4320 × 2160), a refresh rate of 90 Hz, and a 114-degree field of view. The Head Screen (HMD) is provided with an integrated position tracking at 6 degrees of freedom (6DoF) and therefore does not require any external sensor. It also has its own spatial audio headset and two front cameras to enable augmented reality applications. The device also comes with Bluetooth connected motion controllers pre-synchronized with the headset to simplify setup.

To make the HMD Reverb VR more comfortable to use, HP has equipped it with a unique adjustable headband with built-in cable management and improved ergonomics to compensate for weight and prevent headphones from falling out.

The HP Reverb requires a fairly powerful PC with a DisplayPort 1.3 connection to ensure optimal performance at a resolution of 4320 × 2160 with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. HP claims that the head-mounted display is fully compatible with its performance. Z VR back pocket computer, but keep in mind that some programs may require a high-end graphics card for desktop gaming or work computers.

HP Reverb VR Headsets, professional and consumer-grade, can work seamlessly with Windows-based mixed reality and SteamVR applications (which are mostly games). The only material difference between the two versions lies in their bundle: the Pro model comes with a 0.6 meter cable for the HP PC Z VR Backpack, as well as a cleanable facial pad.

HP will start selling its Reverb VR headphones in late April. The consumer version will cost $ 599, the price of the professional model will be announced at a later date. Both HMDs will be covered by a one-year warranty with optional care packs for the Pro flavor.

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