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A Bagel Boss customer identified as Chris Morgan

The Long Island bagel store customer, who has the chip on his shoulder and whose viral love speech has turned into a fight, is preparing another mouthful, he said. at The Post on Thursday.

"They've just invited me for a free bagel," says Chris Morgan, owner of a 45-year-old Bay Shore cleaning company.

Morgan said his phone rang all the time after being filmed Wednesday morning at Bagel Boss, where he was filmed for being repeatedly rejected by women because of his two-foot height.

"My phone is exploding like the president," Morgan told The Post. "I did not even meet my friends."

And Morgan says that the rant around the world suddenly changed his luck with the ladies. "I do not even know girls are dragging me," he said.

Chris Morgan
Chris MorganvictorAlcorn.com

Shop staff said Morgan ordered a wholemeal bagel on Wednesday and started "screaming about dating sites and how much women hate him."

"Why can women say," Oh, you have 5 feet "on the dating sites – you should be dead Is that good?" Exclaimed Morgan in front of the other guests Wednesday in a shared video on Twitter.

Chris Morgan in a video of May 2019
Chris Morgan in a video of May 2019Youtube

In the clip, Morgan is disputed with his clients before a larger, unidentified man tells him to "calm down".

"Shut up, you are neither God, nor my father, nor my boss," retorted Morgan before the other client put him down.

Morgan, who lives in his van, told The Post that he had already filed a police report and that he wanted to file a complaint against him.

But the store Thursday said that they had not offered him to return to the store, let alone get a freebie.

"Nobody invited him for a bagel. He is not welcome, "Mike Ficco, owner of Bagel Boss, told La Poste.

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