A boy whose Michael Jackson dance moves became viral receives a "thrilling" gift from the cop


Javon Dendy, 12, went viral last week when a Greenville cop shared a video of his Michael Jackson dance moves. Now the same cop has given a gift to help him watch the game. (Photo: Greenville Police Department)

(CBS News) – Javon Dendy's dance is so good that it could be confused with the King of Pop. A video of Javon dancing on Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" went viral last week after the Greenville Police Department shared it on Facebook

Agent Kawain Harrison saw Javon dancing when he was answering a call in his neighborhood. Agent Harrison quickly took out his phone and started filming. "When you meet a talent like Javon, sometimes the best thing to do is to register your phone, let it go and let it go," writes the department in the caption of the video.

Javon knew all of Jackson's signature moves. With a talent like this – and one of his grandfather's white gloves to be a church usher – he watched the role of the pop superstar. Javon did not just impress agent Harrison, he impressed hundreds of thousands of people who saw the video online.

The imitator now Michael Jackson is not only talented, he is humble. Javon says that he learned some of his actions by watching Ellen DeGeneres dance on her show.

The agent Harrison was inspired by his meeting with the talented and kind boy, so a week later he met again with Javon to give him a "surprise thrilling. "

The police department posted a new video of Javon. This time he was not dancing, he was opening a gift from Agent Harrison and his wife.

As soon as he removed the top of the box, his jaw dropped. A black hat, similar to the one Jackson wore, was sitting on it. There was a pair of sequined gloves to replace the old ones that Javon wore, and a pair of aviator sunglasses – another Jackson classic.

But the outfit would not be complete without Jackson's red leather jacket that he wore "Thriller" music video. When Javon saw a replica of this iconic jacket in the box, he was stunned. The 12-year-old began to tear up, and Officer Harrison came to hug him to give a hug to his new friend.

Javon had the talent, and now he has the holding. It was something he had always dreamed about, reports CBS affiliate, WSPA. The gift of Officer Harrison celebrating Javon's love for Michael Jackson fell on the anniversary of Jackson's death: June 25th.

When a local dance school saw the boy's viral videos, they helped him achieve another of his dreams. Javon says that he wants to be a singer and dancer, and the Southern Elite Dance Company in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has offered him a full dance scholarship for this fall.


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