A California student has created the 'Banana Plug & # 39; application to sell drugs: prosecutors

A California student has been indicted for creating a phone application that allows him to sell drugs, officials said.

Collin Howard, 18, was arrested on Friday for drug charges by the federal government, after a grand jury charged him on Thursday, the US District Attorney's Office announced in a statement. from California.


A freshman at the University of California at Santa Cruz, Howard would have created an app called "Banana Plug", available on the Apple App Store, with the motto "We have what you want".

Through the application, the student proposed to sell cocaine, "Molly" and "Shrooms", and also offered customers special requests, said prosecutors.

A university police officer who noticed posters advertising the application on campus then collaborated with the Department of Homeland Security to try to get Howard's drug via l & # 39; application.

Authorities used the app to ask for grass and cocaine, and then coordinated with Howard via Snapchat to buy the drugs, according to prosecutors. The infiltration operation included four separate drug purchases. At the fourth meeting, the campus police did not buy drugs from Howard, they arrested him.


Scott Hernandez-Jason, a school spokesman, told the Associated Press that Howard was "no longer a student." [at] UC Santa Cruz. Quoting the privacy laws of the students, Hernandez-Jason refused to say whether Howard was expelled or was voluntarily retiring.

Howard, who pleaded not guilty to federal drug charges in San Jose after a grand jury indicted him on Feb. 14, was released on bail in federal and state courts . Previously, he had pleaded not guilty in Santa Cruz County, where he had been charged with drugs. He was arrested in his dormitory on November 28th.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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