A cascade of steaks on Twitter in the Outback Steakhouse wins a free dinner


"I mean there can be no sadder picture than a guy in costume at Outback Steakhouse alone on Valentine's Day, sitting in front of a decanter of virgin white wine," said yesterday a man named Stephen Bonser, in a live tweet.

Really it was a sad scene. Bonser, dressed in a suit, ordering wine and leaving voice mail for a date that would never happen. But everything was a fake. Earlier in the day, Bonser tweeted, "If I went out to the Outback Steakhouse tonight and asked for a table for 2 people, and then became more and more sad as the night went by alone, think you say that they would give me my steak for free? "

Encouraged by his supporters and a sister who said he would pay for his meal if his plan did not work, Bonser decided to test his experience and he told the whole live on Twitter.

He dressed and reserved a table for two at the Outback Steakhouse in Arlington, Virginia.

He ordered a beer and wine for this "date". He then pretended to leave him a voice message, saying that he was at the restaurant.

As the minutes wore on, the situation became more and more sad and Bonser was beginning to worry about the couples around him.

Finally, with the next closing of the kitchen, Bonser ordered food and left another, sadder yet, fake voicemail, where he expressed concern for this "date", which he called Katherine.

Finally, as the restaurant was about to close, Bonser's plan was completed as planned. Instead of preparing his meal in the Outback, another couple offered to pay him.

"Hey, buddy, we'll take care of that," said the man, according to Bonser 's interview with the Washington Post. "Sorry for that, do not let that discourage you."

Feeling blatantly guilty, Bonser donated $ 50 to the ACLU to try to balance his karma.

Bosner then cashed his ill-gotten gains and took off, leaving a $ 20 tip to the waiter. Assuming his bill was about $ 50, that would have been about double the standard tip of 20%.

The Valentine's Day schemes have become viral and the story has received thousands of retweets and tastes.

Some donations from the ACLU and 40% tips left aside, some people felt that the little farce Bonser exceeded expectations and many pointed out that the server would have returned more money by returning a few times the table and getting more customers.

As for Outback itself, they clearly approved the trick, or at least the free publicity it brought them. They contacted Bonser via their official Twitter account, offering him two more free meals if he feels like making an appointment with him.

Now he only has to find an appointment that thinks his story is funny rather than manipulative. With a little luck, she could even call Katherine.

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