A collapsible phone has just won the "Best in Show" award at MWC 2019, and it's not the Samsung Galaxy Fold – BGR

More than a week ago, it was unclear whether Samsung would bring its first collapsible handset to the Galaxy S10 Unpacked press conference, as had already been announced. And we suspected that at least one foldable film would be presented at the Mobile World Congress. The result was somewhat surprising, as collapsible devices quickly took control of CMM 2019. This is certainly not for everyone, but it is the city's topic of conversation. It's no surprise that a collapsible phone won the "Best in Show" award in Barcelona this year, but it's not Samsung's Galaxy Fold that did it.

Samsung has been showing us foldable phone concepts for years and we all expected the Korean company to be the first to market a foldable phone, with Samsung having its own display subsidiary. The Galaxy Fold was introduced for the first time in November at the Samsung Developer Conference. Samsung launched the phone properly last week, just before announcing the Galaxy S10 series. The Galaxy Fold looked like the future, at least in the videos and press releases.

But then, the leak on Huawei Mate X confirmed that the Chinese smartphone would not only show the world its foldable phone, but that it would soon sell the handset in stores. More importantly, the leak told us that the Mate X would have a much sexier design than the Galaxy Fold.

A day later, Huawei launched the Mate X, and it was clear that the phone would be among the most popular devices of the MWC 2019. I used it briefly earlier this week, and the device is really remarkable. The Galaxy Fold, which will be launched in stores at the end of April, probably long before the Mate X is ready for the masses, was not available for the practical experiences of the show.

Image Source: Chris Smith, BGR

Other companies, including Oppo, TCL, Xiaomi, Motorola and even Energizer, made fun of the MWC foldable devices, some of them with working concepts. But the only mature products at the moment are the Galaxy Fold and Mate X. These are enough to convince you that collapsible objects are the future, although the perfectly designed and affordable collapsible objects that we all wanted to be available only in three to five years.

With all this in mind, I'm not surprised now to see Mate X winning the Best in Show award at the MWC 2019, even though I did not expect it to bend. , especially considering the other traditional smartphones unveiled at the show. the show, with the Galaxy S10 is a great example of what a lighthouse from 2019 can offer you now.

Image Source: Chris Smith, BGR

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