A comic advertisement for iPhone XR shows a depth effect in portrait mode

Apple today released a new ad titled "Bokeh'd" based on the proposed bokeh computing effect on iPhone 7 Plus and later. With the new generations of iPhone, users can adjust the amount of bokeh.

The ad features two moms talking about a photo taken with the portrait depth control feature of the iPhone XR. One of the mothers asks why her son was "bokeh'd", evoking the blur effect used in portrait mode.

Depth control on iPhone XS and iPhone XR lets you adjust the bokeh effect on backgrounds before or after shooting. You can transform a beautiful portrait of two children into a beautiful portrait of a child.

The ad continues as both mothers talk about the feature and use the word game "bokeh". The ad is quite hilarious and worth the detour. Let us know what you think of advertising in the comments below!

Here is the clip:

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