A concept of Fortnite card that would totally flood Lazy Lagoon


In Season 8, Epic Games added both a water zone and a volcano, but these two sites were rather small compared to the season 7 ice zone.

This concept proposes a truly flooding the lazy lagoon that would connect the lagoon to Lake Loot and facilitate the passage in the waters from one coast to the other.

Fortnite does not need a Panama Canal for any reason, but having a lot more water on the map would be an interesting development and would make Lazy Lagoon a more interesting place.

In the current state of things, the lagoon is in fact only a lake, sandy shorelines and a small connector to the ocean.

This concept would add an additional number of coastal islands and divide the land around the lagoon to give it a wider feeling.

Larger Lazy Lagoon + Archipelagos (Concept) from r / FortNiteBR

The beach to the north, which extends to the northeast corner of the map, is another beautiful region.

Of all the different biomes that Fortnite has put in place on the map, it still lacks a proper range.

This is partly due to the functional difficulty of determining where the water becomes out of order, but it is a fairly easy workaround.

Most games featuring a beach area in Fortnite's artistic style use a clear color change from light to dark water to represent the barrier where it gets too deep and where the player dies, it would also work for Fortnite.

The other interesting benefit of having water extending throughout the map is that a water-based vehicle becomes a greater possibility.

Imagine shooting through this area by jet-ski or motor boat, jumping over small sand bars.

It's an experience I'd like to live in Fortnite and I'm sure I'm not alone. This card concept would be the first step to make it a reality.

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