A Danish wind farm wants to use closed plants in N.J.

There may be new life for two New Jersey plants that will be taken out of service.

The Atlantic City Press Announces Orsted Offshore Wind Power Expects the Realization of BL England and Oyster Creek Facility as part of a plan to connect its turbines to the grid d & # 39; energy.

According to Orsted, the project could produce up to 1,100 megawatts of power and create 100 permanent jobs over the 25-year life cycle of the wind farm. An Orsted vessel will survey the coast to see if interconnection is possible.

The Oyster Creek nuclear power plant shut down in September and the B.L. coal power plant in England is expected to close in May.

B.L. England is also part of a pipeline project. Environmental groups say that they hope the wind project will take over the pipeline.

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