A Delaware state soldier appears to fire his gun at a driver during a traffic stop, shows a video

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By Janelle Griffith

The Delaware State Police is watching a video that appears to show that one of its soldiers is firing a gun at a driver during a roadside check that took place this month -this.

African-American Mack Buckley uploaded a 23-minute video on Facebook on February 14. A soldier fired a weapon at him while he objected to the agent opening the door of the car that he was driving and telling him to surrender. out of the vehicle.

"No no no, you can not, you can not get me out of this," Buckley was told the officer just before the gun was fired.

The man then repeatedly asks, "Why do you shoot a gun at me?"

The officer replies, "Stop looking s — t." Hands on the car. "

The video has been viewed more than 27,000 times since it was posted.

Buckley said Wednesday at NBC News that he could not talk about the incident until he consulted his lawyer.

In the Facebook article, Buckley states that he was arrested for speeding, accused of having resisted arrest and having committed three traffic violations. He also claims that he was not allowed to file a complaint against the policeman at the police station after he was released on bail without bail.

Police refused Wednesday to comment on Buckley's video or assertions, including why he was arrested.

"The Delaware State Police is aware of the video and it is being reviewed," said the state police spokesman, Sgt. Richard Bratz told NBC News. "I will keep you informed as information becomes available."

On the video Buckley posted, neither he nor the soldier is visible at about halfway through, probably after the point where Buckley got out of the car.

The last words that can be heard on the video are Buckley's, who asks the officer why he is shooting a rifle.

Buckley asserts in his post that on the way to the station, the officer "continued to talk about YOU PEOPLE".

"I asked him who was YOU PEOPLE since there was only him and me in the vehicle."

When he asked the officer what he meant by "you others," he claimed that the officer had replied "company" by saying to him: "Go ahead and play the map of the race ".

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