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EDITOR'S NOTE: This copy has been updated to reflect the fact that Timothy Morrow is a herbalist and not a certified naturopath.

A California herbalist accused of the death of a 13-year-old diabetic, treated with herbs instead of insulin, goes to jail for four months.

In 2014, Timothy Morrow, a self-proclaimed "master herbalist" based in Torrance, California, attempted to treat Edgar Lopez for his type 1 diabetes. Morrow told Edgar's parent that the insulin prescribed by the doctor was a poison and it was better to apply lavender oil on Edgar's spine, claiming that she would cure him, according to ABC News.

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But Edgar's health quickly deteriorated. he suffered a cardiac arrest and died of complications related to his diabetes.

The medical examiner determined that the victim would have lived if he had received proper medical care, prosecutors said.

Last week, Morrow, 84, was convicted of a head of practice of medicine without a license. On Monday, a court sentenced him to 120 days in jail and 48 months of summary probation.

Morrow also argued unambiguously for a charge of child abuse that could cause serious injury or death.

What happened?

Maria Madrigal, Lopez's mother, said she had already attended Morrow's seminars on herbs and alternative medicines.

During the hearing, Madrigal testified that she once considered Morrow a specialist "like a god" and trusted him to look after his son.

Although she has consulted a doctor every day for an annual checkup and that she has given Edgar insulin to cure her diabetes, she stopped over time, and Morrow started to push her herbal products, according to ABC News.

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Morrow began treating 13-year-olds with prescribed herbs instead of insulin prescribed by Edgar's doctor.

But Edgar started getting sick, Madrigal told the jury, and Morrow told him that his son's pain and weight loss were not symptoms of the illness, but that he was on the point of bouncing back, which traditional medicine could not administer. She said that Morrow had promised that Edgar's diabetes would be cured forever.

"He assured me that his life was not in danger," said Madrigal.

Edgar fell extremely ill as a result of complications related to his type 1 diabetes in August 2014. The teenager was not eating, his eyes were fixed, his skin was cold and he was barely breathing. Morrow went to the family's home to look after him, prosecutors said.

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Shortly before the death of Edgar, Morrow asked his parents not to give him insulin, but rather to give him the herbs he was selling, prosecutors said.

The 13-year-old died the next day.

According to ABC News, Morrow was reportedly interrogated by Los Angeles police after Edgar's death. In a recorded interview, the police asked, "Why do you think he's dead?"

"I have no idea, I have no idea. But they said that he had a heart attack. He was not having a heart attack when I saw him, "said Morrow.

The police then told the jury that Morrow was a "crook".

The defense blamed Edgar's mother for the teenager's death, claiming that Mr. Morrow had never claimed to be a doctor or to have medical qualifications.

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"There is no evidence that Mr. Morrow stole Edgar's insulin vials or any evidence that he put a firearm on anyone's head and said," Give me insulin so that I can destroy it, "said defense lawyer Sanford Perliss.

Prosecutors said Morrow had subjected Edgar 's mother to brainwashing, urging her to use herbs instead of insulin, ABC News reported.

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Morrow said tumors were a "gift of God"

During the trial, prosecutors showed the jury videos of Morrow (also on Youtube) in which he claimed that "a tumor is your friend. A tumor is a gift from God.

In another video, Morrow said: "Insulin is very toxic to the system."

Morrow's website, called Common Sense Herbs, says he is the founder of his company. He says that Morrow was diagnosed with prostate cancer in his forties and that after "five years of unsuccessful treatment," he started taking herbs, changing his diet, and "making his cancer go away." ".

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"This case highlights the serious health and safety risks of seeking medical advice from a license-less person and the appropriate training that goes with it," said Los Angeles City Attorney. , Mike Feuer, in a statement. "These beliefs send a strong message that my office will continue to hold accountable those whose actions endanger lives."

In addition to the prison term, the court also ordered Morrow to pay a $ 5,000 fine, pay Edgar's entire funeral expense to the family, print a warning label on the herbs that he packs for sale and remove or remove all herbal publications instead of medical advice or medication.

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He was also warned that he could be charged with murder if his practice resulted in the death of another person.

On Tuesday afternoon, Morrow's YouTube channel was still active.

Madrigal is not the subject of any charge.

Morrow must go to the prison on March 22nd.

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