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A Dolphins player is cited for his accident, breaks the silence on the car accident which earned him an arm amputation

Police in Florida determined that the Dolphins' defensive attack, Kendrick Norton, was at fault in the terrible car accident of July 4th. led to the amputation of his left arm.

According to the accident report obtained by the CBS-4 in Miami, Norton was cited for an inappropriate lane change. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, Norton was on a fast track heading north when he apparently took a sharp turn to try to make his way towards a ramp in the direction of from South. As he turned the corner, the Norton F-250 struck a Maserati, causing his truck to hit a concrete barrier before overturning.

The accident occurred just after 1 am.

Although the Maserati driver escaped unscathed, paramedics had to amputate Norton's left arm at the scene of the accident before taking him to a local hospital.

It's now been a week since the accident occurred and Norton was fit enough on Thursday to hold his first interview since losing his arm.

"I'm fine, I'm as comfortable as I can with the situation," Norton told CBS-4 in an exclusive interview. "I'm fine and the best I can."

According to ESPN.com, Norton has already undergone four surgeries on his arm and is expected to undergo at least two more in the hope of being able to wear a prosthetic arm at some point.

Norton said that he had been able to overcome all this pain with the help of his family and friends.

"I'm staying strong because all the support from all the fans, all the teams, my family and everyone," said Norton. "That's what drives me, my faith and the support of my family, my grandparents, my sports agent.Everyone goes beyond expectations with nothing in return.Just see people who I have supported is great. "

Although Norton was quoted in the accident, he had some good news this week. Norton's agent, Malki Kawa, revealed Tuesday that all of Norton's medical care would be covered by the NFL's insurance policies and Dolphins.

Norton may have lost his arm in the accident, but after looking back, he is now grateful that he has not lost more.

"I'm alive," said Norton. "To be here, I'm alive, one thing allows me to continue and that is that I can still be here.See my family is so important.It's fine that I have this system of support, keep me big. "

As he was recovering from his accident, Norton was hit hard last week: he knows very well that he will never be able to play football again.

"I realize I will not be able to play for anyone," said Norton. "We are working beyond your knowledge, the reality is sinking in. I am alive and grateful, now I want to organize a blood drive."

Norton had only been with the dolphins for about seven months when the accident occurred. The 22-year-old was selected by the Panthers in the seventh round of the NFL 2018 draft. Norton has spent most of the 2018 season in Carolina's training squad before the Dolphins did. Escort to sign it in December.

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