A family holds a profit to raise money to bury a man from Austin killed in Corpus Christi


AUSTIN, Texas – A family is upset after a weekend visit to Corpus Christi that turned into a deadly one. An Austin man was shot after leaving a convenience store with his father.

"It has been very painful and I take it day after day," said Cecily Ramirez, whose fiancé, Joe Andrew Trevino, was shot and killed while visiting his father.

While the family was leaving the convenience store, 39-year-old Derek Parra opened fire on their vehicle, according to Corpus Christi police.

Derek Parra

Derek Parra

Corpus Christi Police

"Wherever he went, his smile would light up the room and he was always so happy and loving," Ramirez said.

She has been Trevino's girlfriend for about 13 years. He was killed Sunday morning after meeting another customer in the store.

"There is no excuse for taking someone's life," Ramirez said.

The family is now doing everything in their power to give him a good funeral. On Saturday morning, they organized a fundraising luncheon to raise funds for his burial.

Although his body has already returned to Austin, the family is now working to secure the necessary funds to bury him.

"It's hard enough with such a sudden," said Paloma Alaniz, also a member of the victim's family. "The additional expenses associated with this type of incident constitute an additional stressor."

The ceremony was held at the Texas Bar and Grill Club on Saturday, and dozens of friends and family members bought lunch plates to raise funds. The family is also raising funds to cover Joe's funeral expenses through GoFundMe.

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"All the friends and family who came to help and everyone who came to help is just a blessing," said Alaniz.

The family now hopes that the caregiver will go to Joe for justice.

"There is no way to describe this situation," Ramirez said. "The person responsible for Joe's death must be arrested because we need justice, we need justice."

Trevino should be buried Thursday.

Police have a warrant arrest for the arrest of Parra. If you recognize it, call Crime Stoppers at (361) 888-8477.

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