A father and his son accused of selling sick body parts

A father and son were charged in Michigan for crimes related to the alleged sale of sick body parts through their company, the Biological Resource Center of Illinois (BRCI).

According to court documents filed last week, BRCI provides medical professionals with human remains to use in training and research.

Donald Greene Sr. and Donald Greene II reportedly sold or hid their HIV-positive or infectious body parts, including hepatitis, and hid this information from their clients, according to the office. US Attorney of the East. Michigan District.

When ABC News contacted him, the US Attorney's Office did not comment on this.

Prosecutors allege that the scheme was aimed at "defrauding customers of the Illinois Biological Resource Center," according to court documents.

The Greenes would have assumed that their customers would not buy parts that had not been screened for the disease or had a positive result. The project would have allowed the Greenes to take advantage of coins that would otherwise have no value, according to federal prosecutors.

Some parts of the body were said to have been sold for $ 100,000 and have been infected with HIV and sepsis, according to the ABC TV channel WISN.

A mother was informed that her son's body was going to be donated, but it was sold for $ 5,000, according to WISN.

Donald Greene Sr. has falsely told customers at least eight times that the pieces sold by BRCI have received negative test results, according to the authorities.

In 2013, the Greenes reportedly sold leftovers to Detroit Medical Center's sports medicine department that tested positive for hepatitis and concealed the information, according to court documents.

Donald Greene Sr. has been charged with wire fraud. Donald Greene II was charged with misbehaving – he would have known of the scheme to defraud, did not report it to the police and took steps to conceal it.

Donald Greene Sr. and Donald Greene II could not be reached for comment.

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