A father-son team that sold broken sick body parts

A macabre father-son team from Illinois is accused of selling parts of the body ravaged by infectious diseases, including HIV, sepsis and hepatitis.

According to the cops, Donald Greene Sr. is accused of wire fraud and his son, Donald Greene II, is accused of concealing a crime.

The terrible two people would have sold the body parts of people who thought they were donating their bodies to science.

But US federal prosecutors say researchers paid up to $ 100,000 for each cadaver – unaware that many of them had tested positive for a wide range of diseases.

The Green allegedly knew the truth but did not reveal it to buyers.

Arthur Rathburn, a famous Detroit body parts broker, is serving a nine-year prison.

Operating from 2008 to 2014 through the Rosemont Biological Resource Center, the company provided the bodies to the researchers.

Police say that a search warrant revealed that a devastated society had learned from the company that his son's fabrics had been donated for research purposes.

Instead, the boy's body parts were sold for $ 5,000.

It is illegal to knowingly sell sick remains.

The Greenes arrived as investigators investigated the notorious Arthur Rathburn, the Detroit Broker.

Rathburn was sentenced to nine years in prison in 2018.

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