A Ferrari V-8 Hybrid Supercar arrives this year: Report

Last year, on at least two separate occasions, Ferrari 488 test mules were caught running with a suspicious lack of engine noise. It seems now that we will see what the exotic builder did very soon. Ferrari will present a new hybrid mid-engined supercar before the end of the year, said Louis Camilleri, chief executive of the company, on the occasion of a call for financial results published in late January, as indicated by News from the automobile.

An anonymous source "familiar with the project" reportedly News from the automobile that the gasoline engine involved will be a V-8, which means that the car will probably not be an exclusive and high-priced successor to the LaFerrari hybrid hypercar of 2013. Instead, it will be a model regular series production with a "regular life cycle", says Camilleri. Think Acura NSX, not McLaren P1.

According to the company's technical director, Michael Leiters, the next hybrid "will be at the top of the Ferrari sports car range" and will produce more power than the 488 Pista 710 hp, making it the most powerful Ferrari V -8 to this day. It would apparently use a "second generation" Ferrari hybrid transmission from LaFerrari's inaugural system.

The report goes on to say that although the car debuts in 2019, do not expect a fall at the Geneva Motor Show next month. In any case, the first customers can expect to receive their car in early 2020.

The Ferrari V-8 electrified will be, if Ferrari succeeds, the first of many hybrid cars out of Maranello. Camilleri's goal is that 60% of the brand's offerings offer hybrid variants by 2022, with an all-electric model coming later.

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