A Florida man admitted to lighting firecrackers and placing them under the bed of a child

Matthew Morrison, 44, of Crestview, Fla., Was arrested on Saturday after MPs reacted in front of a house after the explosion that woke the girl up.

The owner of the house where this happened said at the sheriff's office that Morrison was living in a tent outside the house and entering it without permission, according to the sheriff's office Facebook message. The owner told the deputy ministers who had responded to the investigation that he had chased Morrison out of his house with a stick after the blast.

The officers who responded to the call spoke to the little girl who said that the explosion had scared her, making her cry and shake, according to the Facebook post.

Morrison was arrested and charged with burglary, cruelty to children without significant harm and possession of a controlled substance after MPs found two grams of methamphetamine in his pockets.

The sheriff's office did not immediately respond to CNN's request for comment. CNN was not able to immediately join Morrison or determine if he had a lawyer.

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