A Florida pilot killed in a violent Tesla crash after crashing into trees


A Tesla Model S caught fire during a fatal accident in Davie, Fla., On Sunday, and was re-lit several times in the yard yard to which the police later sent her into the day.

Omar Awan was killed after his car lost control of his vehicle and headed for a row of palm trees on Flamingo Road in Davie, while driving between 75 and 90 mph, police said .

The Associated Press reported that an emergency responder had tried to break a windowpane to extract Awan from the burning car, but without success. A self-proclaimed witness at the event told WPLG that the doors could not be opened and that the driver was trapped by the airbags, but his account has still not been corroborated by the authorities.


Fire crews were then called to the towing station three times during the night when the battery was re-lit, which frequently occurs after electric car fires.

"We have a problem where the car continues to catch fire because the battery pack itself has not been emptied yet," said Davie Fire Brigade Chief Robert Diferdinando at the Sun-Sentinel. .

Diferdinando said the ministry was working with Tesla to solve the problem and borrowed a special fire extinguisher from another agency designed to handle this type of fire.

Tesla issued a statement to the media that said:

"We are deeply saddened by this accident and our thoughts are with all those affected by this tragedy, we have sought the cooperation of the local authorities to offer them our cooperation." We understand that speed is currently being addressed. an investigation as a factor in this accident and we know High-speed collisions can cause a fire in any type of car, not just in electric vehicles. "

An investigation into the incident is underway.

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