A former police chief from Florida enjoys a three-year plan to trap blacks

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By Associated press

MIAMI – The former police chief of a small Florida town will serve a three-year prison sentence for conspiracy in his department to convict blacks for crimes that they do not have. have not committed.

Picture: Ray Atesiano
Ray AtesianoBiscayne Park Police Department

A federal judge in Miami on Tuesday sentenced the former head of Biscayne Park, Raimundo Atesiano, who had been sentenced to a maximum of 10 years. Three other former officers also pleaded guilty in this case, which focused on Atesiano's efforts to improve his department's crime resolution rate.

Atesiano's lawyer stated that the victims were not chosen at random, but that the police knew them to have a criminal record.

Prosecutors said the crimes for which blacks had been falsely arrested included burglary and burglary of vehicles.

Two ex-officers were sentenced to one year's imprisonment each, while the third was sentenced to a little over two years of imprisonment.

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