"A girl does not enjoy the" SNL "joke about her crippled chicken

UNDERHILL, Vermont (AP) – A Vermont girl is not happy that her crippled chicken has been joked about "Saturday Night Live".

The chicken, named Granite Heart, learns to walk with a custom wheelchair.

In a recent episode of "SNL", the co-host of the TV show "Weekend Update" said she should "eat chicken".

Alora Wood, a 10-year-old resident of Underhill, Vermont, told NECN-TV that she knew that this segment was supposed to be a joke, but she said what if it was a dog .

The chicken is born with a deformed foot.

The girl says, "Every creature, no matter how big, deserves to have a perfect life."

The custom wheelchair comes from a company in Amherst, New Hampshire, which manufactures pet wheelchairs.

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