A group wants to protest the President's speech on July 4 with the balloon 'Baby Trump'.


The airship "Baby Trump" will debut in the United States on July 4th.

President Trump's plan to reorganize the holiday festivities with "A Salvation in America" ​​at the Lincoln Memorial will be greeted with his first formal opposition, according to the Washington Post.

"Baby Trump" made an appearance earlier this month during protests in London, where he was stabbed by an opposing protester, who was later arrested for the act.

Code Pink, the group of activists who owns the airship, is the first to apply for an event permit from the National Parks Service.

The permit application states that the group intends to fly over "Baby Trump" over "any open grass area near the Lincoln Memorial".

Code Pink employs approximately 40 people, including its installation and demolition teams, to attend the event.

The crowdfunding efforts to raise the $ 10,000 needed to import Baby Trump to D.C. began in July 2018.

Ariel Gold, co-director of Code Pink, said, "We just went from the military parade to the 4th of July plan. We are dismayed that Trump is taking advantage of this day to spread his hateful and racist rhetoric … and we really hope it will be canceled as well. "

She then followed these comments with a tweet saying, "We see it as an image of Trump's behavior, which is, as we all know, unpredictable and subject to tantrums for really, really dangerous things.[.]"

No other organization has applied for a permit from the National Parks Service. These requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, said Park Service spokesman Mike Litterst.


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