A lawsuit against Pokémon Go may lead to moving and removing holds and gyms


One of the biggest complaints of people involving Pokemon Go has been the placement of gyms and PokéStops in areas that happen to be residential and private properties. To the point where it led to a lawsuit in California about it. However, there is a proposed settlement on the case that could change all that if Niantic accepts the proposal. Variety announced the news this afternoon, saying the regulation would force the company to create a website where homeowners can request the removal or removal of a site from its system if it is within 40 meters of their property. In the future, Niantic will have to make commercially reasonable efforts to resolve these complaints and find a solution within 15 days for 95% of the cases each year.

If the option is accepted, it would not be completely detrimental to Pokemon Go, but that would probably open the door to the disappearance of many popular places overnight, because there are only a few shops and houses that have ended up loafing people and dragging them into their properties just to catch Pokemon at 3 o'clock in the morning. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit claim $ 1,000 each "for their services to the group and their contribution to the realization of the substantial benefits of the settlement". We will keep an eye on this and see how it unfolds.

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