A little boy called & # 39; Little Hitler & # 39; for using a hot chocolate stand to raise funds for the border wall, according to parents


A seven-year-old boy was harassed and called "Little Hitler" after installing a hot chocolate kiosk to raise funds for President Trump's border wall, his parents said.

Benton Stevens, of Austin, Texas, reportedly was motivated to help finance the border wall between the United States and Mexico after observing the state of Trump Union on Feb. 5 with his parents, Jennifer and Shane, both active members of the Republican National Committee, KXAN Reports.

Between his hot chocolate booth, a matching donor and Venmo's receipts, Benton raised nearly $ 5,000 – but his parents say that this violated his privacy after posting videos and photos of their son on Facebook.

"People think that he has been brainwashed," said his mother, Jennifer. "Of course, he supports Trump because we do it, and he hears how we talk and this and that. Call it brainwashing, but I call it parenting, because it teaches our values.

Benton set up his stand Saturday in a shopping mall northeast of Austin with the help of his brothers and parents, who made signs and infused hot chocolate with him. After an hour, his parents claimed he was making about $ 231, but was forced to close after customers complained to store owner Benton, who had placed his stand in front of him.

According to the director, the National Museum of Border Walls of Texas vandalized by dozens of publishers

"I suppose some liberals – or whatever you call them – grabbed the owner (from the store) and came in and shouted at him on Facebook," Jennifer said.

Benton, however, was not deterred and was actually excited by the answers he got from the public. He decided to relocate his stand on Sunday and again received reviews in person and online.

"He called a little Hitler yesterday," his mother said. "A guy pointed it in his car and he said we did not like brown people. I do not understand at all. "

Despite going back, the Stevens family promised that the money raised would go straight to the wall.


"There's a GoFundMe page and we're also part of the RNC, we're pretty connected, so we're going to make sure everything's going well," they said.

GoFundMe donations can be routed to the Trump administration through a category called "Gifts in the United States" for "general use by the federal government", but donations to specific government projects are much more complicated and less clear, according to Business Insider.

In light of all the publicity surrounding the Benton Border Wall fundraiser, his father told Fox News that it inspired a reconciliation between parties in his Texas town.


"The people who were very mean at the beginning started to apologize for what they said and defend Benton," Shane said.

"He has now raised nearly $ 5,000 and is planning to create a free hot chocolate kiosk for participants on both sides of the debate as there are so many who stand up for his interests."

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