A London League student in mourning for a classmate killed in a bus crash in New Jersey


Students hold candles on the steps of Hendricks Chapel during 21-year-old Brianna Herrera's vigil. (Photo: CNYCentral)

A student from Syracuse University was killed Thursday in a bus crash in New Jersey.

University officials identified the victim as Brianna Herrera. According to the school, Hererra was a senior of the School of Information Studies. She specialized in information management and technology with a minor in public communication. Herrera was also a sister of the Sigma Delta Tau Group.

Friday night, more than a thousand students from the US League gathered in front of the Hendricks Chapel in an incredible show. Crying the sudden death of Brianna.

"We are committed to giving thanks for Brianna's life and honoring her by living in the fullness of our own," said Reverend Brian Konkol.

While holding back her tears, her best friends read aloud the memories she created with her outside the classroom. "For those who know Bri, she makes a strong first impression – I've never met anyone with so much energy."

"We have always tried to be the best we can."

"You're my best friend, and I know you'll always look after me, I love Bri."


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