A man armed with Aurora's mother who murdered five of her colleagues says she is "too stressed"


TThe gunman who killed five people and wounded five policemen at a plant in Aurora, Illinois, was fired and was "too stressed," his mother said.

Gary Martin, 45, was shot dead by police while he was raging in Henry Pratt Co., a manufacturing facility located in the Chicago suburbs. He killed five people and injured five policemen. His mother, Felicia Martin, told WGNTV, "My thoughts are with all the victims and their families."

Martin was convicted of aggravated assault in Mississippi in 1995 and was jailed. The Sun-Times said the charge had been inflicted on the man who had stabbed a woman in 1994. He had been convicted of fewer offenses in Illinois, including altering illegally car speakers and shouting his tires. He was also sued by an owner.

According to ABC 7, Martin "was informed Friday that he was fired from the company where he had been working for about 15 years as an assembler" and had opened fire during his closing meeting, continuing to shoot throughout the factory. Martin's family told local reporters that he had been fired.

S addressing his police officers, Kristen Ziman, Aurora police chief, said: "Thank you for your selfless act.Thank you for running to shots and put your life in Danger to protect people inside the company.My heart goes to the victims and their families work today as any other day.We offer our sincere condolences and, as the facts of this tragedy unfold, we will provide information and seek to understand it. "

Henry Pratt's employee, John Probst, said the shooter had worked "in assembly" in the company for about 15 years and was at work on Friday. He added that about 30 people were in the building at the time of the shooting.

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