A man attacks his lawyer after being sentenced to 47 years in prison: video

An Ohio man hit his lawyer Tuesday after being sentenced to 47 years in prison, which provoked a shocking video.

A 31-second video obtained by WJW shows David Chislton, 42, of Warrensville Heights, under attack during an attack in a Cuyahoga County courtroom after Judge Nancy Margaret Russo, of the Common Pleas Court of Courts, sentenced her to a girlfriend prison term and fired her apartment complex in 2017.

Spectators inside the courtroom can hear the images mocking and screaming as MPs shoot Chislton during what witnesses described as a "rather violent" attack.

"I was looking at the conviction of the accused, it was a pretty intense situation," said lawyer Michael Goldberg at Cleveland.com. "The judge inflicted a long sentence on him, and for a moment he tried to object to the sentence, then he simply turned around and hit his lawyer – who was standing on his left – with both hands. "

Goldberg said Chislton's hands were chained in front of his body instead of the usual backhand practice, allowing him to use both hands and handcuffs to send Aaron Brockler violently to the ground.

"But the deputies, to their credit, were immediately on him and had him neutralized in a few seconds," continued Goldberg. "But it was pretty violent."

The incident had a broken nose, a concussion and facial injuries, including a small cut.

"It was very fun," he later joked at Cleveland.com.

Russo, meanwhile, was less cheerful in recalling Chislton's explosion, even trying to hold back tears in an interview.

"People do not understand what we live every day in this building," she told Cleveland.com.

Chislton, who could have spent more than 100 years behind bars, also bit Brockler 's leg before Cuyahoga County' s deputy prosecutor Jeff Schnatter dragged Chislton 's lawyer while he was on his way. was rushing into the audience room.

Brockler told WJW that the length of the sentence had apparently surprised Chislton, who would face new accusations related to the blast.

"I'm lucky not to have my hands clasped and not smothered with handcuffs. Otherwise, he could have gone to see the judge, "Brockler told the chain. "This is not a good situation to be handcuffed to the front, in my opinion."

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