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A mother suspected of killing her baby and throwing her son to the landing

Investigators tried on Wednesday to determine why a Californian woman would have fatally injured her infant daughter, let her young son land in a building on the second floor and then threw himself.

After being released for medical reasons, 24-year-old Tierra Ortega was charged with investigating a homicide, attempted homicide and child abuse that resulted in death, said Captain Marcelo Blanco Upland Police Department.

The photo of the Ortega reservation showed his bruised and flayed face with a swollen eye.

His one and a half year old son remained hospitalized in stable condition with a broken foot and other minor injuries, Blanco said.

"We have no motive yet," Blanco said.

The events unfolded late Tuesday morning in Upland, a small town at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains, in the interior of the country, about an hour's drive east of Los Angeles.

A neighbor called 911 to report that a child was screaming or crying, then saw the woman hold him in his arms during a second-floor landing, police said.

"The mother released the toddler, who fell to the ground.At the time of arrival of the police on the spot, they noticed the child on the ground and the mother then jumped from the second floor landing head the first, "according to a statement from the police.

The police then examined the second floor apartment and found the girl about 7 months of the woman inside. She did not breathe.

Her breathing was restored but she died in a hospital, said Blanco.

The cause of her death will be determined, but she would have a broken skull and internal injuries, he said.

KCAL-TV's video showed the woman sitting on the grass on the outside of the building, hands cuffed behind her. A child, tied to a board, was shipped in a helicopter to get to the hospital.

The father of the children, bewildered, was called home from work and the police had to hold him back while he was struggling to climb the stairs leading to the apartment.

He spoke to the police but "has no idea what led to that," Blanco said.

The property manager said the family had joined the unit about a year ago, KCAL-TV reported.

"They have always been very calm," Kaeleigh Calderon said of the family. "I never heard them arguing, I never heard them bickering."

Asked about postpartum depression, Blanco said investigators would look into this possibility.

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