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A NASA official announced that the United States would be present in the moon within ten years of their presence

Administrator of NASA Jim BridenstineJames (Jim) Frederick Bridenstine: The 12:30 Hill Report: AAA Expects the Most Loaded Trips Since 2005 | Superb statement by Trump in Saudi Arabia | E. coli contamination of romaine lettuce | Fudge approves Pelosi | California's Holiday Celebrations NASA orders a SpaceX safety review by viewing a video of the Elon Musk weed: report new members of Oklahoma 2019 PLUS indicates that the United States has 10 years of permanent presence on the Moon, which will lay the foundation for a development of space exploration on Mars.

"Right now, we are building a space station, which we call" gateway, "which will orbit the moon. Imagine it as a reusable command module in which we can have a human presence orbiting the moon. From there, we want reusable landing gear to come and go on the surface of the moon, "Bridenstine told Hill. Jamal Simmons and Buck Sexton from the TV show at the show "Rising".

"We think we can reach that goal in about 10 years, the idea being to prove the ability, reduce the risk, prove human physiology, and then move on to Mars," he said.

Bridenstine teamed up with "Rising" to explain in detail NASA's plan to partner with nine US companies to travel to the moon, a key part of NASA's plan to expand space exploration human.

The administrator said he hoped to spur innovation by creating a commercial market called Commercial Lunar Payload Service Program (CLIPS).

Through the CLIPS program, Bridenstine hopes to develop a technology that will ultimately establish a continued presence on the Moon.

"At the end of the day, we are going to buy services that many companies will compete for cost and innovation to deliver payloads to the moon's surface. It's only scientific instruments, not bulky payloads, but the creation of a capacity that then feeds the larger undercarriages, including humans, "he said. .

The move is part of President TrumpThe Donaldson TrumpVeterans Affairs Department said it would not reimburse underpaid veterans. The report of the former Clinton spokesman denounces to Ivanka Trump the defense of the use of private email: "Nothing less than the scandal" Sinclair defends a segment justifying the use of tear gas border as "comment" PLUSThe directive on space policy, which recommends to return to the exploration of the moon.

Bridenstine emphasized the importance of Trump's directive, asserting that the establishment of a permanent and continuous presence on the Moon was a "testing ground" conducive to further exploration of space.

Unlike Mars, he said the Earth and the Moon are always on the same side of the sun. On the other hand, Mars is on the same side as the Earth once every 26 months, which means that astronauts will have to stay on Mars for two years before they can complete their mission and return home.

"The moon is a testing ground, it's the way we can reduce risk, we can prove technology, we can prove human physiology, we can develop the ability to use the resources of the moon to survive on the surface of the moon, then we take all these capabilities and we will replicate them on Mars, "he said.

The announcement came just days after NASA's InSight Mars satellite landed on Mars. It took the lander nearly seven months to land on the red planet, marking the beginning of a two-year mission.

Bridenstine said that the landing represented the eighth time in the history of humanity that anyone was making a soft landing on the surface of Mars with the ability to continue.

"This week we landed on the surface of Mars, this is the eighth time in human history that someone landed softly on the surface of Mars with a mission capable of continuing," she said. he declared.

– Tess Bonn

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