A new ad shows how this Apple iPhone feature can ruin a friendship


Three women are sitting when one of them shows a portrait of his son taken on his Apple iPhone XR. Looking at the picture, one of the women sees that her son is blurred image in the background. "Do you bokeh my child?", She asks. She then asks her friend why she hates her son. The mother who holds the iPhone XR tries to explain that she can release the child. This is the depth control available on the 2018 iPhone models.

Those carrying an iPhone XS, an iPhone XS Max and an iPhone XR can control the intensity of the blur in the background of portraits taken in Portrait mode before taking a photo or after the treatment of the picture. The 30-second ad shows the latter. Using a slider, the bokeh effect can be adjusted, turning the background of a complete blur into a clean, crisp background or anything in between
Last week, Apple released its first ad in the Depth Control series, which shows how to use this feature to produce maximum blur will really bring out the subject in a portrait. Indeed, the person in the foreground is crisp and clean, while the action in the background is blurry and fuzzy. The contrast between the two is the key.

It seems that smartphone manufacturers have pushed this bokeh as far as possible. All the more so that it can apparently allow a parent to scramble the relations of the friend of his child, thus making their own child more visible on a photo.

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