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A new animated series of flint stones is at work

Flintstone return to the television. This week, Variety has announced a new Flintstones anime series had been greenlit. Warner Bros. Animation and Elizabeth BanksBrownstone Productions join forces on this project, bringing it out of the Stone Age and bringing it into the 21st century. Currently this Flintstones The series did not find a home in any television network.

This new adaptation of Flintstone in Variety's reports, he is described as "a series of animated adult comedies broadcast in prime time and based on an original idea featuring characters from Flintstone. "Now, we do not know exactly how" adult "things will happen in the series (will there be flashing references to adult material, or will it be complete? Rick and Morty? Your proposal is as good as mine). Fortunately, a recent series of Flintstones BD of Mark Russell and Steve Pugh have infused Flintstones, Rubbles and Bedrock with postmodern anxieties and harsh political commentary that could certainly make their way into this equally modern animated series.

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Flintstone created in 1960 on ABC. The series lasted six seasons and ended in 1966 with more than 150 episodes. The series followed the various adventures of the Flintstone family (Fred, his wife Wilma and their daughter Pebbles) and Rubbles (Barney, his wife Betty and their son Bam-Bam) in the Stone Age town of Bedrock. . Nearly 30 years after that, a live-action Flintstones movie hit the cinemas in 1994 with John Goodman like Fred, Elizabeth Perkins like Wilma, Rick Moranis like Barney, and Rosie O'Donnell like Betty. A live-action prequel The Flintstones at Viva Rock Vegas hit the theaters in 2000 with Mark Addy and Stephen Baldwin like Fred and Barney, who left for Rock Vegas and ended up meeting their future wife, Wilma (Kristen Johnson) and Betty (Jane Krakowski). Yes, we do not really need to talk too much about it.

Many modern adaptations of Flintstone have tried to go on television in recent years. The most notable of these attempts at adaptation has been Seth McFarlaneThe 2011 test was unsuccessful. It seems that the production company Banks and Warner Bros. Animation have found a way to revive this beloved franchise.

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