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A New Jersey man tried to help Hamas and threatened to bomb Trump Tower, according to the federal government

A New Jersey man reportedly sought help for the Hamas terrorist group and reportedly threatened to bomb Trump Tower in New York and "shoot at everyone" at a pro-Israel demonstration, federal investigators said.

Jonathan Xie appeared for the first time in court Wednesday in Newark, New Jersey. The 20-year-old was accused of attempting to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization, making false statements and transmitting a threat to inter-state trade.

Xie reportedly sent 100 dollars to a person that he thought was associated with a Hamas faction last December and, a few days later, she posted on his Instagram account that he was "pretty sure that it was illegal but I'm mad, "the newspaper said. to a criminal complaint.

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He also did not mention the donation on security forms he had completed when he attempted to join the US military.

The US prosecutor's office also said that Xie posted on Instagram that he wanted to blow up the Trump Tower in New York and the Israeli embassy.

A person wearing a black ski mask, later identified as Xie, reportedly said in an Instagram video that he was against "Zionism" and "the neo-liberal establishment," according to the complaint. criminal. He also said that he was answering a question saying that he would join Hamas "if I could find a way".

Later in the video, Xie reportedly introduced a gun and reportedly said, "I will shoot everyone" during a pro-Israeli march.


After a visit to Trump Tower in April where Xie was observed by the FBI's surveillance, he published photos of the building with his intention to bomb him, according to the complaint.

"Okay, so I went to New York today and walked past Trump Tower, then I started thinking about bombing it and imagined that the explosion would kill Trump, then I started laughing hysterically, "said Xie in his complaint. "I forgot to visit the Israeli Embassy in New York … I want to bomb this place with Trump Tower."

Xie, who entered the courtroom with chains, said nothing during Wednesday's brief hearing, other than the fact that he understood the judge's instructions.

He was sentenced to jail without bail, as the judge ruled that Xie was a threat to the community. His public defender did not say he would file a motion for a bail hearing.

His parents attended the proceedings but refused to talk to reporters.


Xie faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine for terrorism charges.

Ben Evansky in Newark, Fox News, and Associated Press contributed to this report.

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