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A non-profit association withdraws from a golf event sponsored by Trump Resort's Striptease Club

The non-profit organization supposed to benefit from a golf event sponsored by a strip club at President TrumpDonald John TrumpS & P 500 Passes the 3000-Place Bar For The First Time A dispute between Seoul and Tokyo makes Kim Jong Un's victory even more precious at the DMZ: the Chamber of Commerce hires a former member of the Giuliani campaign, Cruz MOREThe seaside resort of Doral, Florida, has withdrawn on Wednesday, the Washington Post reported.

Carlos Alamilla, of the nonprofit Miami Allstars Foundation, said that he had called the Shadow Cabaret striptease club to turn around after the Post had published an article about the 39; event.

"We are not participating, and I think you should cancel the event," Alamilla told tournament organizers.

Alamilla told La Poste that he was approached by tournament organizers and offered an unspecified payment following the tournament.

He added that he did not realize that his group's logo was used in tournament advertisements, which also offered golfers the opportunity to pay the fees of a dancer acting as a "caddy girl" on the Trump course.

The "Star Star Tournament" at the Trump Golf Course is still scheduled to take place on Saturday.

Event advertisements obtained by mail feature a Trump-themed branding and listed benefits for golfers, allowing guests to choose a shopping cart. The company's marketing director said in the mail that every cadet would wear a pink miniskirt and a "sexy white polo shirt".

Caddies, employees of Shadow Cabaret, will return later with golfers for a burlesque show, according to marketing director Emanuele Mancuso.

"They will be dressed all the time" at Trump Doral, said Mancuso in the mail. "On the spot, it's different."

Trump does not directly run the Trump organization, which he placed in a trust controlled by his adult sons when he took office in 2017.

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