A pair of Montana gets life for killing 2 people found partially dissolved

A Montana judge on Friday sentenced a man and a woman to life imprisonment for pleading guilty to stabbing two people, including a teenager, to death, and trying to dissolve their bodies in bins. filled with chemicals.

District Judge James Wheelis sentenced Augustus Standingrock and Tiffanie Pierce to jail time for the deaths of Jackson Wiles, 24, and Marilyn Pickett, 15, in 2017.

The sentences are consistent with the recommendations made by prosecutors in the plea agreements. Standingrock pled guilty to willful homicide and responsibility for willful homicide, while Pierce pleaded guilty to attempted willful homicide and liability for willful homicide.

Pierce's call for attempted homicide stemmed from a separate attack in which she entered a Missoula home and stabbed a woman eight times, injuring her.

Pierce cried and Standingrock was silent as Wiles and Pickett's parents and friends testified for about 90 minutes about the pain they had suffered after the killings, reported the Missoula news channel, KGVO-AM.

Pierce's former roommate told the police that he had been woken up by the screams of a woman in their home in Missoula in August 2017, according to court records. He said he found Pierce and Standingrock in the bathroom washing the blood and that Pierce told him that there was a dead woman in the basement.

The police found the bodies of Wiles and Pickett dismembered and partially dissolved in the basement.

Prosecutors have previously stated that Standingrock believed that Wiles had sexually assaulted a girl close to him.

Standingrock said, "I'm sorry, I can not say anything or do anything to bring back anything," he said.

The roommate told the investigators that Pierce had stated that Standingrock had brought two people and that he had taken them to the basement and attacked them while Pierce was attacking the other.

Pierce said that she had never intended to cause the death of anyone.

"Especially someone so young and handsome and with as much potential as Marilyn," she said. "There is not a day that passes without I want to be able to exchange places with her."


Information provided by: KGVO-AM, http://www.kgvo1290.com

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