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A parent says the Momo Challenge video told his son to kill her – Story

– These are corrupt everyday videos in order to further corrupt young minds.

You may have heard of "The Momo Challenge". A grim video appears as an advertisement on YouTube or the app, WhatsApp with instructions.

"It tells them things that they do not" do not do this challenge ", that's what's going to happen to them – and the Momo doll is scary," said Dr. Sabrina Jackson.

And it arises with increasing regularity.

"When my son came home and asked him about it, he said the game told him to kill me," said Nichole Phillips.

His 7-year-old son Nicholas said he was watching fun videos when this game found him.

"How did it look?" She asked him.

"There was blood on his face and a black mask," Nicholas said.

Fortunately, he did not respond to any of these requests. For this mom, it's not a game she wants her son to be part of.

"He told me that they told him to light the stove," she said, "and what if we all slept?"

In the Detroit Metro, Eastpointe Police and the Lincoln Park School District are proactive, encouraging parents to have conversations and monitor their children's social media.

"As parents, you have to let them know that they do not have privacy," Jackson said. "Because they do not have privacy unless they pay their own bills."

And if you find that your child is likely to receive this type of message, experts say to try to lead the conversation.

"What are the things that make you feel good, how can we stay on this side of the street and stay away from negativity," Jackson said.

The advice is always to be there. observe what your children are watching and discuss with them what they see.

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