According to the authorities, a flight instructor was killed when his little plane lost power and crashed into a Florida home. A second person in the plane survived. The plane immobilized a 17-year-old girl against a wall. She had minor injuries. (February 25)

MIAMI – Authorities reported that a flight instructor had been killed by the power loss of his small plane and his crash in a Florida home.

James Wagner was in the twin – engine plane with the pilot at training, Timothy Sheehy, 33, of Montana, when the plane crashed into a house near the airport. Winter Haven Regional Airport, Saturday. We do not know who was flying the plane. The Orlando Sentinel announced that the two men had planned to simulate an engine failure, but the authorities do not know if the accident occurred during training.

Polk County Sheriff officials said the 64-year-old pilot had died in the accident. The plane landed near a bedroom, crushing a 17-year-old girl against a wall and leaving her slightly injured. Sheely also had minor injuries. Several other people at home, including three children, were not injured.

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