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A plane skids on the runway at Newark Airport


Passengers flying United Airlines Flight 627 between Denver and Newark Liberty International Airport said it only took them seconds before landing the plane on the runway 22, Saturday afternoon, from normal to scary.

Authorities said the tires had punctured during the landing and that the plane had slipped on the runway.

"We really had no time to scream," Caroline Craddock told News 12. She was one of the 166 passengers on the plane.

"We can feel the burns, as if the tires were burning, and the pilot went to the intercom and said we had a landing problem," Craddock said.

According to the FAA, the aircraft skidded to the left side of the roadway, leaving the left main landing gear stuck in a grassy area.

The airline said the plane had had several tires punctured at the landing. Dozens of rescuers circled the plane to help passengers get off safely.

No major injuries have been reported. Those with minor injuries refused medical treatment.

After a brief stop at the airport, the passengers had to face significant delays and cancellations. Anyone considering leaving Newark is advised to check the status of their flight.

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