A player whose Irish amateur club has been falsely reported will not file a complaint

Fernando Lafuente is alive and well after being falsely declared dead. Ian Walton / Getty Images

A footballer whose the death was falsely reported by his former club, Ballybrack FC, does not complain and claimed that Dublin fans had made it to get a match postponed.

Ballybrack, who plays in the Leinster Senior League (LSL) in Ireland, announced the death of Fernando Lafuente on Thursday. Their match against Arklow Town on Saturday was postponed and a minute of silence was kept by the other teams before their match.

Lafuente, 29, played for Ballybrack FC last season. He was no longer in the club after moving to Galway, where he works in a software company.

"I'm alive and I'm fine," he told Cadena Ser radio. "It looks like they wanted to get away from football and that someone had the brilliant idea of ​​killing me, considering that I was no longer at the club and I live in a city." another city.

"They used me as an excuse for not playing the game, as determined by the investigation. The club said that I was dead in a car accident, but that They had no death certificate because they had sent my body into a coffin in Spain. "

The Dublin Amateur Football Team is excused for a "blatant miscarriage of judgment" and the head of the false news has been sacked.

"The football league has published an obituary in the local newspaper," said Lafuente. "I only learned that Tuesday afternoon at 8 pm what had happened after receiving a call from my supervisor telling me that I was in the news.

"He knew I was alive because he had spoken to me." I did not even know that this weekend, all the team captains of the other matches were wearing a black armband and that a minute of silence had been observed before the matches in my honor. "

Lafuente said that he was urgently reminded of his family and his girlfriend in Spain before knowing the news.

"Fortunately, the news was not very fast and as soon as I hung up, I called my mother and my wife to Spain to talk to them about the situation and my state of health." , did he declare.

Lafuente said that he had become a celebrity.

"The Irish have the same sense of humor that we in Spain and memes are starting to arrive," he said. "They put my face in the place of Jesus Christ," added another, Fernando came back from the dead.

"I took it in my tracks.At the end of the day, no one was injured and no damage was done.

"Everything is fine for the club.When I was there, they were very good to me.They came to get me to coach.I have now received several offers to play in teams. from the Galway region. "

LSL will not be so tolerant with its chairman David Moran qualifying the episode bizarre "a shame that has discredited the entire league".

Moran said the LSL would meet with the Irish federation to discuss the way forward and the sanctions that could be imposed.

The LSL said that no further statements will be made with regard to the problem of Ballybrack FC, they focus on assisting those involved and demand that "confidentiality be guaranteed to the league and the club in order to deal with the current issue".

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