A police officer testifies that a woman told the police that a Colorado man had beaten his fiancée to death with a bat

Denver – A woman told the police that a Colorado man had beaten his fiancée to death with a baseball bat on Thanksgiving Day, and then called to help him clean the blood at home. of the flight instructor. Agent Gregg Slater of the Colorado Investigation Bureau said Tuesday that Krystal Jean Lee Kenney had described the scene inside Kelsey's Berreth & # 39; s the house as "horrible". Kenney told the police that she had brought gloves, a protective suit and garbage bags to her home in Idaho, at the request of Patrick Frazee.

Frazee is charged with murder and solicitation to commit murder. Berreth has not been found since his disappearance on Thanksgiving Day, November 22.

The friend of Colorado's missing mother said that Kelsey Berreth "could not win" with Patrick Frazee

Authorities had published little information on what had led to the arrest of Frazee a month later, until Tuesday's hearing. Prosecutors had to convince a judge that their evidence merited a criminal trial. Testimony revealed that the police had initially found no evidence of indictable offense inside Berreth's home, but had subsequently discovered traces of blood belonging to the flight instructor. 29 years old at several places in her bathroom.

The case relies heavily on the cooperation of Kenney, a 32-year-old nurse from Idaho, who pleaded guilty to preventing the investigation by falsifying the evidence in the case. She agreed to testify against Frazee.

A dramatic testimony on Tuesday revealed that Kenney admitted to having started a romance with Frazee in March 2018 and that Frazee had tried to convince Kenney to kill Berreth. Slater said Kenney had told the police that Frazee had claimed that Berreth had mistreated the couple's daughter, although Slater said there was no evidence that was true.

Kenney added that Frazee had suggested many ways to kill Berreth, including poisoning his coffee or beating his head with a metal rod and a baseball bat, Slater said.

Kenney told police that she wanted to please Frazee and feared that it would hurt her family if she did not cooperate. Kenney told the police that she had not followed any of Frazee's plans, Slater said.

Kenney said Frazee had suggested giving Berreth her favorite coffee beverage, a caramel macchiato, and giving it to Berreth, reports CBS Denver. She also told the police that as a nurse she was carrying drugs that she could use to poison the coffee. Police said Kenney admitted to having bought the drink to give to Berreth, but that she had not added any drugs to this drink.

Kenney's friend, Michelle Stein, told CBS News this month that Kenney had told her of her role in covering up Berreth's death and said it was fearful for her life.

"I'm just going to tell you that Krystal was very, very scared," said Michelle Stein. "Krystal is a very weighted, kind, playful, playful person, a tough cowgirl, but she was absolutely scared and extremely upset."

Berreth's parents argue, in a lawsuit for wrongful death, that they believed that Frazee wanted full custody of the couple's one-year-old daughter. The child remained with them during the criminal trial against Frazee.

Berreth's mother, Cheryl, said Frazee had lied during a phone conversation on Dec. 2, claiming he and Berreth had "broken up with Thanksgiving Day" and agreed with a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Colorado Springs to divide the custody of their daughter.

When Cheryl asked Frazee to get details of her daughter's whereabouts, he suggested that "Kelsey could have stolen somewhere with a friend or colleague."

A friend of the nurse who pleaded guilty in the missing Colorado case

"Generally, if Kelsey were to travel, we knew it in advance," Cheryl told CBS News in December.

Berreth's body has not been found. Investigators first reported that she had been last seen on video surveillance with the couple's daughter in a grocery store near her home in Woodland Park, a mountain town near Colorado Springs. , south of Denver.

The police then found footage of a nearby surveillance camera showing Berreth, Frazee and their daughter at the entrance to Berreth Townhouse later in the afternoon.

Most of the prosecutors' testimony relies on cell phone tower data, suggesting that Berreth's phone was in the possession of Frazee or Kenney after November 22, when Frazee told the police that he had saw Berreth for the last time.

Frazee, 32, has not pleaded and has been imprisoned since her arrest. Prosecutors have added this week a charge accusing Frazee of altering the body of a deceased and two charges of violent crime, which would leave the state seeking a heavier sentence in the event of a conviction.

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