A policewoman hit by a cop during a wild arrest in the Jersey Shore has to find a new beach


The woman who had been hit by a cop during a savage arrest on the Jersey Shore and became viral last summer pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct on Friday – and saw herself banished. 39 access to the town of Wildwood and its beaches for a year.

Emily Weinman, 21, faced charges of aggravated assault against police officers, resistance to arrest, bodily fluids and obstruction for her side of the brawl with cops in Wildwood Beach on Memorial Day weekend. year of probation next to the ban, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"When the police approached me on the beach, I got upset and said some cursed words," Weinman told a judge in his guilty plea on Friday.

Viral footage of the incident showed Weinman at the beach with a boyfriend last May, when agents Thomas Cannon and Robert Jordan approached then-minor women about unopened bottles of alcoholic beverages near their beach covers .

Weinman claimed that the alcohol belonged to her aunt and she became increasingly indignant at the cops' question, prompting one of the cops to say, "OK, it's over, I'm done with you, "and trying to slap the beach.

When she resisted, the police put her in the sand shouting, "You smother me!" And one of the cops can then be seen hitting Weinman in the head.

The video was quickly broadcast on the Internet and aroused Cannon's indignation and Jordan's conduct, but both officers were later cleared.

His lawyers, however, did not exclude a civil lawsuit.

"We still believe everything that happened was out of control," lawyer Steve Scheffler told Inquirer.

"The officers' reaction was beyond what I thought was appropriate in the circumstances."

Weinman told the judge that she was happy "it's over and everyone can move on".

"I will not stay here and say that everything is fine. That really was not the case, "she said outside the courtroom, according to the newspaper.

"It's a bit of a mess in my reputation. It really depressed me. I go to many places and look at me. But I just want people to know that whatever happened on the beach that day on the beach, that does not define the kind of person I am. "

Weinman added that she still considered Wildwood as her "happy place".

"I'll find something to do. I'm going to find another beach, "she said.

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