A practical guide to gluten-free meals in the Greater Phoenix


Sometimes dietary restrictions or adjustments are of choice (think of the low carbohydrate diet or even veganism). However, some food needs are more related to physical sensitivity, or even disease. Many gluten-free dieters suffer from celiac disease, or perhaps a sensitivity to non-celiac gluten, a wheat allergy, or even a form of dermatitis.

Or maybe you do not care about gluten. No matter which box is ticked, many menus make things easier.

Some restaurants in the Valley are 100% gluten-free restaurants, while others offer gluten-free options and alternatives. Anyway, there are options for you. Here is your handy guide to eating gluten free in the Phoenix area.


Perhaps the best gluten-free appetizer in town is Chelsea's Kitchen's real green chili cornbread. It is made inside the house and is also very popular. Make sure it's available before you get excited. And if you want to stick around, Chelsea's Kitchen offers a gluten-free option for many of its dishes. All you have to do is ask.

The Blue Cheese Steak Crepe at Jewel's Bakery and Cafe is one of the many incredible brunches.DEVELOP

The Blue Cheese Steak Crepe at Jewel's Bakery and Cafe is one of the many incredible brunches.

Courtesy of Jewel's Bakery and Café


Anyone who knows Phoenix's gluten-free restaurants knows and recommends Jewel's Café. The dishes are 100% gluten free and use local ingredients. But in addition to gluten-free food, it's also unique, especially during brunch.

Opt for chicken and popcorn donuts, pancakes and cornbread chicken, or brunch sandwich – eggs, sausages and cheddar cheese on a buttery bun with a potato side and buttermilk syrup to soak or pour over the entire plate. And further down the menu, there is hot chicken and waffles.

Or if you'd like to share (or not), try Hatch Green Chill Cheese, Ghost Tempura Broccoli, Sweet Potato Waffle Fries or Brunch Taco. But the French fries deserve their own words. To drink? Jewel's Café offers brunch cocktails such as the classic Bloody Mary, bottomless mimosa and sparkling rose.

Pomegranate Café is another favorite (or less) gluten restaurant. Gluten-free (or at least gluten-free) dishes include French Pumpkin French Toast, In Season Scramble and a bowl of banana chimpanzees.

Another winner, and one of the special dishes of the weekend's coffee, is the Pomegranate Sampler – choice of scrambled eggs or tofu, crepe of the day or French toast, harvest hash and bacon tempeh ".

Gluten-free options abound in places like Flower Child and Zinburger.

Gluten-free options abound in places like Flower Child and Zinburger.

Courtesy of Flower Child


Mama Jim's gluten-free food makes it easy for celiac and gluten-sensitive diners – you need exactly the name. The food truck comes up with offers such as waffles (waffles with sausage), breakfast burritos, chicken pieces, french fries, and more.

Fox Restaurant Concepts has forged a reputation for supporting the gluten-free community through menu items and a generally savvy staff. At Flower Child, you can not get better than this Vietnamese crunch salad filled with quinoa, peppers, pineapple, avocado, cashew nuts and so much more. And the majority of Zinburger's sandwiches and burgers can be modified for gluten-sensitive diners, as well as its well-loaded fries and shakes (Butterfinger, thank you).

Speaking of hamburgers, Pizza People Pub and Social Camp have gluten-free rolls (and pasta and pizza options) at your fingertips. In addition, Arcadia's Burger Shoppe Stand offers gluten-free bread for its famous burger – The Standard.

Also in Arcadia, chef Justin Beckett also offers some menu items at Beckett's Table. Opt for duck confit or salad, or plan dishes like pork chop, scallops, shrimp and oatmeal.

True Food Kitchen offers a clearly defined menu of vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. This includes Seared Chicken Satay, Kale Cobb Good Earth, Korean Noodle Bowl, Mauritius Rockfish and more.

Try the 10-inch cauliflower pizza at Zesty Zzeeks Pizza & Wings.DEVELOP

Try the 10-inch cauliflower pizza at Zesty Zzeeks Pizza & Wings.

Lauren Cusimano


Picazzo's Healthy Italian Kitchen seems to be an interesting name. Normally, the Italian is not the healthiest food, but their behavior is a little different from that of Nonnie at Picazzo. Although it's not a fully gluten-free restaurant, its menu of salads, main courses, pastas and pizzas can be served gluten free. Think of gluten-free focaccia, chicken picata with zucchini, chicken and aubergine noodles with parmesan and tiramisu for dessert.

And we have not forgotten the pizza.

They have a gluten-free cauliflower crust at Fired Pie, as well as at Venezia, Upper Crust Patio Pizza & Wine Bar and Zesty Zzeeks. You can even order the spanakopita – a gluten-free cauliflower crust topped with spinach, lemon, garlic, kalamata olives and a myriad of cheeses like feta, fontina, Asiago and Herbal Parmesan – at Alamo Drafthouse in Tempe and Chandler.

Pita gluten-free pita, do you like it?DEVELOP

Pita gluten-free pita, do you like it?

Lauren Cusimano


Pita Jungle always has the back of Arizonans with dietary restrictions, and obviously gluten-sensitive people are no exception. PJ offers a gluten-free pizza crust for its beloved frozen chicken lavas pizza and gluten-free rolls for the salmon burger, as well as gluten-free pitas and rolls perfect for almost any other menu item.


Yaya's Mexican Bar + Grill is a Mexican restaurant that is both gluten-free and palaeon-friendly, with food truck roots. In 2015, he claimed to be the first gluten-free food truck in Arizona. Today, its physical location is still characterized by gluten-free menudos, tortilla soups, enchiladas and flanks like rice-cabbage with coriander and lime.

An offer from Bear and the Honey Specialty Bakery.DEVELOP

An offer from Bear and the Honey Specialty Bakery.

Ofelia Montelongo


The cakes can be as beautiful as they do not contain gluten, and for this winning combination, order something from Bear and the Honey Specialty Bakery. Most bakery cakes online – also found in Peoria's float cafe – can be prepared gluten-free, pasta and / or vegan.

As its name suggests, Gluten Free Creations Bakery is a 100% gluten free restaurant. While this place has a number of breakfast items – muffins, scones, bread – the desserts here take the cake. Three, actually. Choose from triple chocolate marble, lemon cream cheese and almond and cherry cakes. Or not to choose. The Gluten Free Creations bakery also offers cookies and brownies, with or without dairy ingredients.

And while Nami is known for its vegan bites, it also offers pies, cheesecake, cookies and gluten-free donuts. What kind of donuts? Chocolate zebra, banana nuts, blueberry, lemon poppy seeds and coffee with coconut milk. For more anti-inflammatory donuts and other desserts, stop by My Gal Sal Bakery and Catering.

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