A press team flew, a guard fired on a teachers strike from Oakland, California; arrested suspects


A press team covering the teachers' strike in Oakland, California, on Sunday, was a victim of a crime when two people stole them – and then shot their security guard before they ran away.

KPIX-TV reporter Joe Vasquez and photographer John Anglin were at the Oakland Library around 5 pm. Interviews on the teachers' strike when a car arrived and two people came out, one holding a pistol and claiming their car.

After the press team had abandoned its equipment, one of the thieves shot security guard Matt Meredith in the leg, the press channel said.


"John gave up the camera, hid inside the van where I was staying and told me to get off," Joe Vasquez wrote on Twitter. "We heard a series of powerful shots nearby … More shots, I saw a guy shoot the camera and we saw that our guard Matt was hit." Quickly called 9-1 -1. "

Vasquez said in another post the guard, a retired police officer from Berkeley, "had some shots" on the shooter.

The guard was hit in the leg, transported to Highland Hospital and classified in a stable state, reported the CBS subsidiary.

A spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff said a 21-year-old man, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, had been introduced to a nearby hospital after the incident. Oakland police arrested the man suspected of firing on the news team guard.


About two hours later, Oakland officers were involved in a lawsuit by means of a sedan suspected of being linked to the robbery and shooting. This vehicle eventually crashed into several cars before the driver was stopped and stopped, according to KPIX. The chase video was posted on Twitter.

Johanna Watson, Oakland Police Information Officer, also told the TV channel that the department had arrested several other people in connection with the armed robbery and gunfire. The stolen camera was found. Additional details should be published later on Monday.

Two suspects were arrested in the ears after the theft of a KPIX-TV press team and a security officer assigned to the team were shot in the leg.

Two suspects were arrested in the ears after the theft of a KPIX-TV press team and a security officer assigned to the team were shot in the leg.

According to the Associated Press, television stations have hired armed guards to accompany journalists' teams in recent years, during which attacks on routine missions have become so commonplace in recent years in the region. San Francisco Bay. In November 2012, a group of men hit a KPIX cameraman while he was filming in front of a high school in Oakland and escaped with his camera underway. # 39; recording.

AP recorded five robberies in 2012, two in 2013, three in 2014 and at least three in 2015, as well as several vehicle robberies.

"We do not know what the market is for these cameras," said the police sergeant in San Francisco. Michael Andraychuk told the news agency.


Although cameras can cost more than $ 50,000 each, it's specialized equipment that can not be sold easily on the black market, Andraychuk said, and none of the stolen cameras will be sold. has been found on Craigslist, eBay or any other online marketplace.

Associated Press contributed to this report.

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