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A robbery suspect was caught and injured with a machete by a boy

A robbery suspect in North Carolina who was repulsed by an 11-year-old boy with a machete was caught Sunday, nearly two days after leaving the hospital where he was treated for a head injury . His capture took place after a manhunt and a finger on who was to blame for his escape.

Sgt. Shane Brown of the Burlington Police Department said Jataveon Dashawn Hall was arrested in an apartment on Sunday afternoon. Hall, 19, was sent back to Orange County, where the sheriff's office said he was facing charges of breaking and entering and assault.

Authorities said the boy was alone in Mebane's home, about 65 km northwest of Raleigh, on Friday morning when Hall broke into after another suspect rang the doorbell and said 39, a third waited outside. Hall forced the boy to go into a closet and steal electronic devices when the boy came out, grabbed a machete and hit the suspect in the head with the blade, causing the blood to run, according to the sheriff's office. The boy swayed a second time but missed his shot. The authorities did not specify where the machete had been stored.

Hall and the other suspects fled.

"When Hall realized that he was bleeding, he threw the electronics," left the house and left with another man and a woman, the sheriff's office announced.

It was not clear if Hall had a lawyer; no phone list for him could be found.

This is what happened after Hall sought treatment that raised questions about how he was being kept.

Hall went on Friday afternoon at a branch of the Hillsborough UNC hospital, for treatment, according to Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood, who said that Hall no. He had never been arrested by his office that day. The deputy ministers were warned and one of them waited in a public place in the hospital as other investigators arrive, the sheriff 's office said, adding that "at At this point, Hall was only a suspect and there was no legal authority to hold him. "

The sheriff then obtained warrants and asked the hospital police to warn his office before leaving Hall, which Blackwood described as a common practice.

Hall was transferred to Chapel Hill's UNC Medical Center because of the severity of his injury. But the surveillance video shows that Hall left the second hospital with his head wrapped in a bandage and wearing a hospital gown and blue socks around 8 pm. Friday. A nurse noted in his file shortly after he was gone.

However, the sheriff's office stated that they had not been informed until the next morning, when they had called to inquire about him. The reason for the delay was not clear.

"I'm not blaming," the sheriff said Sunday in a statement. "However, it became clear to me that another statement was needed to defend the actions of my deputies and investigators and to put this case in the right context."

UNC Health Care noted Sunday morning that the sheriff had not placed a deputy in the custody of the room, claiming that the suspects on treatment "remain the legal responsibility of law enforcement". The hospital system added that "nurses and doctors can not be both caregivers and police forces".

The sheriff's spokesperson did not immediately respond to an email on Sunday afternoon asking if the other two suspects had been identified or captured.

The boy's mother, Kaitlin Johnson, told WTVD-TV that she was angry. Hall had escaped from the hospital, adding: "It was infuriating".


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