A shortage of Christmas trees looms in the northwest

by Kara Kostanich | KOMO News

A shortage of Christmas trees threatens in the northwest (PHOTO: KOMO News)

Despite the retail sale of many tree-filled Christmas trees, there is a shortage this year in Washington and in the county. Although supply seems abundant at present, the Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association believes that it will probably not last until Christmas.

For Zach and Megan Paulson and their four young children, finding the perfect holiday tree is actually a lesson in success.

"We teach them the spirit of Christmas and what giving means instead of receiving," Megan Paulson said.

The Paulson project of giving a 5-foot Douglas Fir to a local mother and her children who can not afford one.

Although tree prices are similar to those of last year, it is the number of trees available that could leave some people without a fresh Christmas tree.

"My son gets a lot of calls from retailers and can not find trees from his usual suppliers," said Vern Coates of the Coates Christmas Tree Farm in Auburn.

The Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association states that you must buy your tree early.

Tree growers indicate that 7 to 9 feet trees will be more difficult to obtain by mid-December.

The shortage of surplus trees must be blamed a decade ago.

"Ten years ago, there were so many trees that big wholesalers could not unload them," said Bob Moore, owner of Double Four Tree Farm in Tacoma.

As a result, Moore says that some tree growers have planted different crops. So, he says, the price and the offer could remain as they are now.

"I think it's new normal," Moore said.

This is good for the Paulsons because their family tradition of giving is worth early planning and price.

"We are honored to be able to do that. being able to help someone else, that means so much, said Megan Paulson.

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