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A snowplow driver saves a woman from a car buried in the snow

On February 17, the driver cleans the snowy roads of South Lake Tahoe when he struck the back of a car parked illegally in the street. The driver contacted the police to begin the process of towing the vehicle, but when the police and the driver began digging the car, much to their surprise, a woman reached out her window to ask for assistance. help.

It was the back of the car that the snowplow driver collided with.

She said that she had stayed there for four to five hours, but that the amount of snow covering her car suggested to the authorities that she might have stayed there longer.

"Being inside a buried car or starting a car buried in the snow could have deadly consequences," said Chris Fiore, Communications Manager for the Town of South Lake Tahoe. . "If we did not reach it, I'm afraid this story ends in a very different way."

It took a while to clear her, but the 48-year-old woman was able to leave the scene unharmed.

City officials Tuesday released the news of the incident to warn residents that it was illegal to park, especially as the region prepares for a new winter storm.

"One of the biggest problems this winter is with cars parked illegally," said Ray Jarvis, director of public works, in a statement. "They do not just delay the snow removal process, they are dangerous for everyone involved."

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