A star is born A producer leaves Live Nation amid allegations of abuse


Heather Parry Leaves Live Nation Productions After Internal Company Investigation into Allegations of Verbal Abuse and Bullying in the Workplace, Variety reports. Parry was the president of Live Nation Productions and, at the head of the company's film and television division, she was one of the producers behind Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga A star is born. She was fired from the company in December after employees claimed she was using racist and homophobic language at work. Parry responded to the news in the statement below.

"Heather Parry will leave Live Nation, with immediate effect," Live Nation said in a statement. "Live Nation is engaged in the Live Nation Productions division and our portfolio of artist-led projects, which will be led by current leaders Ryan Kroft, Matt Stein and Chad Wasser.

A source at Live Nation told Display panel that an internal investigation did not confirm allegations that Parry used racist or homophobic language. The investigation would have shown that Parry's conduct did not meet "societal expectations of leadership".

Parry, a long-time film producer who worked with Adam Sandler's MTV and Happy Madison Productions before joining Live Nation Productions, reacted to this news in a statement (via Display panel). "I am grateful that the independent investigation of the company has shown that I am neither racist nor homophobic," she wrote. "To be accused in the media of something that I am not was incredibly painful." She continued:

I am proud to create and support projects that make a difference
positive impact. It's at the heart of what I've done all along
my whole career. I've been helping artists make movies and a TV that unite their efforts
and empower.

Live Nation and Michael Rapino have given me an incredible opportunity to
build a film and television division from the base. I am very proud of
what my colleagues from Live Nation and I did. That's the most
gratifying thing that I've ever done.

It was not just a job for me. That's what I like Music, TV and movie
are my passions, and sometimes I had to be relentless, because
nothing of great value ever comes easy. As a boss, I'm tough and
brutally honest, and through this process, I learned how I can go
to be not only a more effective leader, but a better person. I am
humiliated and grow from this experience, and I look forward to
pursue my career as an independent producer.

In VarietyIn his initial report, many of Parry's former employees made allegations of abuse. One employee described her as an "emotional terrorist". Another accused him of using the words "f-got", "c-t" and saying "blacks, you can not count on them for nothing". The former assistant said that Parry had thrown him a big iPhone charger; Parry denied the incident through the intermediary of his lawyer.

A star is born is nominated for several awards at the Oscars 2019, including Best Film.


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