A teenager who pushed a girl off the bridge pleads guilty to a misdemeanor


A teenager accused of hurting her 16-year-old friend by pushing her from a 25-meter bridge in southwestern Washington in August pleaded guilty on Monday to a reckless endangering offense.

Taylor Smith appeared in the Clark County Court, where a state attorney recommended not to be sentenced to prison. She will be sentenced on March 27.

Smith pushed Jordan Holgerson from the bridge at Moulton Falls Regional Park, northeast of Vancouver, on August 7th. Holgerson had six broken ribs and perforated lungs.

Smith, 19, was charged with a charge of reckless endangerment about a week and a half after the incident, an offense punishable by a term of imprisonment. Imprisonment for one year and a fine of $ 5,000.

She pleaded not guilty in December. Last month, Smith was offered a plea deal, the details of which were not disclosed to the court.

The 10-second video clip of the incident captured on a cell phone became viral.

Holgerson had originally planned to jump off the bridge into a river some twenty meters below, but said she had changed her mind.

She said in a recent interview on "Today" on NBC that, even though she was anxiously awaiting Smith's conviction, she did not know what punishment Smith should suffer.

"Some days, I rather want her to be put in jail," said Holgerson. "And some days, I think it could be too hard."


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@ABC A friend like that … you do not need "enemies" …

@ABC Nice friend, wow. Happy that she has been accused !!!

@ABC These bs. It was not a nice kid, just kids growing up. That was one, I am jealous of you on the bottom and I am … https://t.co/QgrdtT8IX8

@TODAYshow C was a very aggressive push with anger behind.

@TODAYshow I'm having trouble watching this video … poking someone at a dock is one thing … but a drop like this .. … https://t.co/ lfAina4zFs



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